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Mountain West Reacts Results: Sprinkle grade, Aztec MBB, Baseball, Softball.

Montana State v Kansas State Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

We asked the questions, you voted on the answers, and now we provide the results.

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Sprinkle gets a solid grade.

The vast majority of voters feel he is anywhere from an average to a great hire, with the majority settling in the middle around good.

Aztecs are the team to beat next season.

An overwhelming amount of voters see San Diego State as the team to beat next year. And why shouldn’t they be? Even though they are losing players to graduating and potentially some to the NBA draft or transfer portal. But they get the benefit of the doubt to reload. I expected the Broncos to get more votes as the #2, but I think the order makes sense.

Fans are most confident in Aztec baseball.

At this point in the baseball season, it doesn’t seem like any one team is really standing out. Fans like SDSU and Fresno State. Hopefully, one team can get hot so they can make some noise in the NCAA Tournament come summer. And although they aren’t listed on here, don’t sleep on the Falcons.

Bronco softball reigns supreme.

The Broncos have a great softball team and fans agree, getting almost half the votes. Now, that doesn’t mean the other teams listed on here are slouches. It’s nice to see MWC Olympic sports having success.