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Peak Perspective: The Tim Miles’ Effect

Artificial intelligence and Miles’ inner circle chime in on the MW coach-of-the-year

NCAA Basketball: San Jose State at Arkansas photo by: Nelson Chenault

As most of us tend to ‘Google’ our subject matter to create an initial basis, artificial intelligence (AI) is now upon us to make things ever more challenging...or better.

It depends how good or how eclectic or how obtuse your questions are.

In this case, ChatGPT AI is assisting today

Starting with the most generic question: “Who is Tim Miles?” (truncated)

“Timothy Sean Miles is a basketball coach born August 28, 1966 in North Dakota and played basketball and received a physical education degree at the University of Mary. He started his successful coaching career at Mayville State and in 2005 became head coach of North Dakota State and then at Nebraska before he was fired after the 2018-2019 season. He then became an ESPN analyst.”

Or ask it a troll-like question, “What are any issues or problems with Tim Miles?”

As an AI language model, I do not have access to private or personal information about individuals. If you are referring to any specific problem related to Tim Miles, please provide me with more context so that I can try to help you with the information you are seeking.

Or how about, “Is Tim Miles a good coach?” (edited)

Tim Miles has had a successful college coaching career with a track record of leading teams to achieving notable accomplishments.

Miles led North Dakota State to their first-ever NCAA tournament appearance in 2009. He also had a successful tenure at Colorado State, where he led the Rams to an NCAA tournament appearance in 2013.

Miles’ most notable achievement as a coach came when he led the Nebraska Cornhuskers to the NCAA tournament in 2014, which was the program’s first appearance in 16 years.

Miles is also known to be enthusiastic and energetic. He values player development and has a track record of helping players grow on and off the court.

Overall, the impact of Tim Miles on a basketball program can be significant. Ultimately, Miles has proven to be a competent and successful coach throughout his career.

Thank you for reading and thank you ChatGPT. Article done…

Or perhaps we can juxtapose more expansive questions that’s a bit more entertaining, or worthy, or real?

This writer’s off-beat question to Mr. or Ms. ChatGPT: “How might NBA color analysts and banterers like Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley and Tim Miles’ San Jose State inner circle compare and contrast what they expected of Miles before he came on board to now two years later with Miles human-engineering another remarkable turnaround of a once-mummified basketball program?”

First, the humans:

“He’s been known to build programs and San Jose State needed a rebuild for sure,” said Director of Athletics Jeff Konya. “It’s been amazing to watch. I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly in his second season. I really thought it would be another foundational year, but here we are sitting with 19 wins, a coach-of-the-year AND player-of-the-year in Omari Moore. Phenomenal!”

Like many behind-the-scenes at San Jose State, there’s been a sense of awe and wonderment around a man who orchestrated such a remarkable turnaround.

The dynamics in and around Miles were already simmering and bubbling in season one.

“His competitive fire just burns hard. It’s infectious,” said Mountain West Player-of-theYear Moore. “You could see how it can bleed onto all of us and how it helps us find a way to win.”

Counterpart Alvaro Cardenas added, “Coach expects a lot from us and yes, he might be hard on us, but that’s because he knows and believes we can do great things.”

Also as part of the new media writers, AKA little media, covering Miles and team, the open dialogue, transparency and insights Miles so readily provides is also part the orbits of experience around Miles’ allure.

From alumni finding joy and excitement again after 40 years to players and hopeful new recruits realizing something is a brewing, it is only the city of San Jose at large that’s next to take notice.

Closer in, there is 10-year veteran college sports broadcaster Justin Allegri’s front-row seat of psychoanalysis-like observations.

“Tim is the most dedicated individual. He’s addicted to film. He does not stop his game prep. And he does not know the meaning of ‘no,’” said Allegri. “If you tell him this game won’t turn out for San Jose State, he’ll tell you five reasons it will.”

Allegri’s list continues in rapid-fire in a single breath:

  • He’s constantly coaching in game
  • He never stops thinking about it
  • He’s watching film right after the game on the bus
  • He’s always thinking how we better ourselves
  • He takes it over the top and we need it
  • He’s got that balance of getting players to respond without crossing the line, which is hard to do
  • He took Omari from a decent conference player to a pro
  • He brought in enough pieces to make it what it is

“It’s just remarkable,” Allegri said.

ChatGPT’s take: (edited)

Tim Miles has a reputation for being a turnaround specialist who’s taken over struggling programs and transformed them into competitive teams in a short period like North Dakota State, Colorado State, Nebraska, and San Jose State.

At San Jose State, Miles has made significant progress in rebuilding the program. In his first season, the team won seven games, which was the most wins the program had in four years. In his second season, the Spartans are 19-12, which is the first winning season for the program in eight years.

NBA analysts like Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley may assess Tim Miles’ performance by highlighting his ability to rebuild a program from the ground up and his ability to identify and develop talent, which has been a key factor in his success.

In conclusion, while I cannot provide the personal opinions of Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley on Tim Miles’ performance at San Jose State, it is clear that he has a successful track record, and his accomplishments at San Jose State are a testament to his coaching ability.

What does the humanity behind all of it say?

“I really care about these guys and I really care about this program and I really want to build a winner.” said Miles.

Fifth-seed San Jose State takes on fourth-seed Nevada Thursday at 2:30pm in the Mountain West tournament. The Spartans are 0-2 vs. the Wolf Pack this year losing by a combined 42 points. It’s time.

SJS head coach Tim Miles, Spartan guard Omari Moore (10) left, Colorado State’s Isaiah Rivera (23) right, Provident Credit Union Event Center, San Jose, CA, February 28, 2023
photo by: Vic Aquino

Compare and contrast to MWC’s first one-on-one interview with Tim Miles.