Is it time to form a new conference?

With conference realignment in full swing and no signs of slowing down for now, we've heard talks of conferences adding teams, conferences merging with other conferences, even teams leaving to go independent. What has had little to no discussion is the formation of an entirely new conference. With the conferences shuffling and the new 12 team playoff around the corner, each school and conference is trying to best position themselves to have the most access possible to the playoff.

As of today the 5 non-power conferences are only guaranteed 1 playoff spot collectively. This means while all the Power 5 conferences will have 2-4 teams in the playoff on any given year, the Group of 5 however, will get to fight amongst themselves to get a single spot, maybe 2 on a good year, for their 5 conferences. So how can a team like Boise State, Tulane, or San Diego State get more access to the playoff? 1 option would be to join a power 5 conference (easier said than done), the second way is to form a new conference of the G5 elites and try to earn the respect of the P5 conferences or even possibly become the 6th power conference.

So what would this new conference look like? Let's pick the best G5 teams and see.

  • Boise State
  • SDSU
  • Marshall
  • Louisiana
  • Memphis
  • App St
  • Toledo
  • Air Force
  • SMU
  • Fresno St
  • Utah State
  • Navy
  • Colorado St
  • Tulane
  • USF
  • UNLV
Each of these teams brings value to the table whether it be sports success or TV market size. You could make an argument for a few teams like Utah St, Ohio, NIU, Troy, etc. to be replaces by some bigger brands, But brand recognition aside, these are the most successful G5 teams over the last 10-20 years.