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Boise State makes first splash in transfer portal, lands UC San Diego guard Roddie Anderson III

After losing Burke Smith and Pavle Kuzmanovic, the Broncos struck gold with one of the top freshman in the Big West Conference.

Photo by Boise State Athletics

Well that didn’t take terribly long.

After two recently announced departures in big man Burke Smith and guard Pavle Kuzmanovic, the Broncos wasted no time in filling a major need for 2023 and beyond.

With Marcus Shaver Jr. exiting the picture, Boise State needed and found their next player in line at the point guard position.

Roddie Anderson III comes from the UC San Diego Tritons, a member of the Big West Conference. During his freshman year, Anderson was named the Big West Freshman of the Year via HoopsHD. He was also named a honorable mention for the All-Big West team for 2022-23.

His stats are quite impressive for a freshman.

Points - 13.1 per game (15.8 during conference play)

Assists - 3.8 per game

Rebounds - 3.8 per game

Highest Career Totals

Points - 28 versus Long Beach State

3-pointers made - Six at UC Irvine

Rebounds - Ten at Hawaii

Assists - Ten at UC Santa Barbara


Height - 6’2

Weight - 190 lbs

Eligibility Remaining - Three years


*First video found on Twitter and posted by @jswain216.

*Second video found on YouTube and posted by Transfer Tapes.

Safe to say, Anderson looks to be the next lead guard for Leon Rice and Boise State. B.J. Rains of Bronco Nation News floated the idea that there may be a big man on campus currently visiting Boise State. That is the biggest piece of the puzzle that remains unfilled to this point.

As the transfer portal kicks into high gear, we at the Mountain West Connection will continue to update you on everything happening in the MWC.