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Aztecs and others in the Final Four not as big a draw as hoped

Ticket prices have dropped since the Final Four was announced

Creighton v San Diego State Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Final Four Ticket prices fall with the elimination of Texas teams

While every team has earned its path to the Final Four, tickets have shown a drop in prices. Since there is no one, two, or three seeded teams and no teams from Texas, ticket prices have seen a drop as interest level has waned. According to various ticket-selling sites, prices dropped about 40% when Houston lost and another 12% when Texas bowed out. The game is still a sell out, but ticket sellers on the resell market might have to find alternative ways to recoup their losses. Maybe they could go to a game. Perhaps donate to their local police or fire department or school district.

I’m Dancing

Back when tickets first came available, this writer entered into a lottery and late last year was informed I was eligible for a pair at market price. I needed to gather up about three ‘years' worth of pay from Vox Media and I was the lucky owner of seats that shared a nesting space with the doves and pigeons in the rafters of NRG Stadium. But hey, I’m at the game, and much to my surprise, the team I cover is in the dance. I’m going with a couple of neighborhood buddies, both of who in their own right, have teams that were knocked out.

Disappointment or Enjoy the Underdog moment

Some people might be disappointed that a big name like Kansas, Duke, Texas or Alabama wasn’t playing. Others say the beauty of the underdog is expressly on display in the tournament. I would say I’m in the latter category. I bought tickets with the desire to experience the event more so than the teams. They are the mysterious unknown. What is known is that this tournament offers the opportunity for an underdog to have their one shining moment. No one said anything about four underdogs showing up in one year though. Being a child of early cartoons, one of my favorites was ‘Underdog’ and he used to say, ‘‘Never fear, Underdog is here.’ I’m sure he wouldn’t mind updating it to say that ‘‘The Underdogs are here!’ Follow along as I will be posting from the games between cheers and jeers, briskets and beer. Let the games begin!