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Mountain West Reacts Results: Previewing SDSU, reviewing the other 3 Mountain West teams in the NCAA Tournament

Furman v San Diego State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

We asked the questions, you voted on the answers, and now we provide the results.

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Aztecs not given much of a chance to reach the Final Four

Voters are not getting carried away with the Aztec hype, which is the most rational approach. It makes sense Bama wins two games this weekend to reach the Final Four. But 7% believe in SDSU.

San Diego State will lose a close one.

Half of you are thinking SDSU will lose a close game. And that is the most realistic approach. About a quarter of you are dreaming big with a win; the other quarter are expecting things to get ugly.

Boise State grades out as average.

Over half of you thought Boise State performed average in their game. Things more or less went as expected in a close loss to a good Big Ten team.

Utah State has some mixed results.

Voters were a bit more mixed on the grade for Utah State. The majority of people also gave them a C, but over a quarter of people also though B and nearly the same went with D.

Wolf Pack didn’t pass the test.

Nearly half of the voters gave them an F for their lackluster performance in the play-in game. And when combine D and F, that number jumps to 81% being disappointed with Nevada’s performance. And for good reason.