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Mountain West Reacts Results: How did the vote results match up to the game results?

The games were yesterday but we are recapping the votes today.

Utah State v San Diego State Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

We asked the questions, you voted on the answers, and now we provide the results.

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Sweet 16 Thoughts

National voters are not high on the MWC’s chances of reaching the Sweet 16. They rightfully give SDSU the best odds, as about one-third of people think they can. But only 7% of voters think Utah State will and only 3% believe in Boise State. With the Virginia loss, the path to the Sweet 16 got easier for the Aztecs.

Wolf Pack deserving.

Even though their play-in game did not go according to plan, the majority of voters thought Nevada deserved to make the tournament. They had a great season and were a huge surprise this year. But they did have a disappointing last four games.

Aztecs making it to the second weekend?

Half of you thought so, although a fifth of you said no one will. The path was there for them. If they won their first game, they should have a good chance to win playing a similar style team in Virginia. They took care of the first game, so stay tuned this weekend against Furman, who may become this year’s Cinderella.

Aztecs have the easiest game (in theory).

No game is easy when it comes to March Madness, but the Aztecs seemed to have had the best matchup on paper. Voters also highlighted favorable matchups for Utah State and Boise State, considering they were lower seeds. In reality, it was not an easy game, but it did end up being the easiest game of the four, since they won.

.500 for the Mountain West in the first round.

Honestly, this was the realistic best-case scenario for the MWC. SDSU was a great chance to win and Nevada seemed like a big underdog, even in their play-in game. Then it came down to Boise State and Utah State splitting their game. However, it played out differently. Nevada was out-classed, the Aggies hung tight but couldn’t shoot. Boise State stuck around and played hard, but lacked what it needed to win a game. San Diego State was the only team to win and even that wasn’t a smooth game. But they broke the Mountain West’s 11 game NCAA Tournament losing streak.