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2023 Recruiting Breakdown: Wyoming

A class with high-floor players

NCAA Football: Arizona Bowl-Wyoming at Ohio Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the twelfth post in our twelve-part recruiting breakdown series. Today will look at the #12 team in our rankings, Wyoming.

The Cowboys have been a modest program on the recruiting trail under Coach Bohl and balance that out by excelling in player development. This year is more of the same, although the top of their class is filled with quite a few talented athletes who have the potential to turn into very talented college players. In addition to this, many of their less heralded signings have the potential to exceed expectations thanks to their ability to develop players. To learn more about their efforts this year, read below.

The Skinny:

  • 22 players signed
  • 18 high school players, 1 JUCO player, 3 transfers
  • 22 offensive, 10 defensive
  • 2 3-stars per 247 Composite rankings.
  • Players with a composite rating over 85: 0
  • Players with a composite rating over 82: 2
  • Breakdown by state (excluding transfers): 8 Texas, 3 Colorado, 3 Illinois, 3 Wisconsin, 2 California
  • 247 Composite Rankings (subject to change):

- Overall: 114

- Recruiting: 111

- Transfer: 162

The Players:

QB Kaden Anderson

Kaden is a quarterback the coaches are very high on. He is a natural pocket passer who possesses a strong, accurate arm. Anderson has great touch on deep balls, showing the capability of hitting players in stride down the sideline. He goes through his progressions quickly and gets rid of the ball right away. Kaden likely won’t play right away, but appears to have all the tools to be a starting QB in college.

RB Keany Parks

Keany is coming to the Cowboys as a running back after also spending time as a receiver in high school. He is extremely shifty with the ball in his hands, which makes him hard to tackle and bring down with just one player. Parks reaches top speed quickly and can make cuts smoothly, not needing to slow down once he hits the open field. He is also skilled as a receiver, which allows him to get the ball in space where he is more dangerous. Keany is in good hands with Wyoming in order to develop as a running back.

RB Tyler Jacklich

Tyler is another high school running back in this class. He has tremendous speed and finds openings in the defense to run for explosive plays. Jacklich runs hard from the first step and explodes into the line of scrimmage, displaying easy change of direction. He makes smooth cuts in the open field, and once he commits, he can outrun defenders with ease. Tyler will find a role in this offense sooner rather than later.

Transfer RB Harrison Waylee

Harrison is coming in as a transfer with a lot of game reps. He has good vision which helps him find the holes and then he is able to reach full speed as he runs through them. Waylee has a low center of gravity, which helps him stay balanced as he bounces off defenders. He has a quick burst once getting the ball and maintains his top speed throughout his run. Harrison will likely step into a prime role next season and should have no issue being up to the task.

WR Bricen Brantley

Bricen is a dynamic wide receiver coming to Wyoming. He is a big-play threat, capable of finding the endzone nearly every play. Brantley uses his speed and long strides to create separation and adjusts his route to catch the ball in stride. He has great hands and seems to be at his best as a deep-play threat. Bricen will need additional development, but figures to add another dimension to the Cowboy offense.

WR Justin Stevenson

Justin is another wide receiver in this class. He appears very athletic on the field and has a wide catch radius thanks to his long arms and leaping ability. Stevenson is an efficient route runner who can fool cornerbacks with his football and precision. He isn’t afraid to be physical, whether is it fighting for extra yards in traffic after the catch or as a blocker in the run game. Justin gives Wyoming another option in the wide receiver room.

Transfer WR Ayir Asante

Ayir transfers in from Holy Cross to play wide receiver. He has steady hands and his footwork after the snap allows him to gain separation from defenders. Asante is a smooth route-runner who is best utilized in screens or quick slants over the middle. He is dangerous in space, where his quickness allows him to dodge tackles and gain extra yards. Ayir should add a new dynamic to the Cowboy offense.

Transfer WR Devin Boddie Jr.

Devin is another wide receiver transfer, this one from Vanderbilt. He is explosive on the field, whether that is at the line of scrimmage or deep down the field. Boodie has great releases and is helps him get behind the defense for big plays. He can play a variety of roles on the field, from receiving to rushing to wildcat quarterback, and is at his best with the ball in his hands. Devin should be a real weapon for Wyoming next season.

OL Nathan Geiger

Nathan joins the roster as an offensive lineman. He is well-rounded and strong, frequently pushing defenders off balance and off their angle to the backfield. Geiger is very mobile, pulling on run plays and gliding into position in pass protection. He is aggressive and doesn’t wait for the defense to initiate contact, choosing to do that on his own. Nathan plays tackle on film and should be able to stick at that position in college.

OL Brandt Rice

Brandt is another o-line player in the Cowboy class. He is an imposing figure at the line of scrimmage, laying big blocks on unsuspecting defenders. Rice goes from player to player to deliver a hit and open up big holes in the run game. He locks onto defensive linemen and drives them out of the play. Brandt will likely redshirt next season but it won’t be too long before he gets on the field.

OL Kuba Tyszka

Kuba joins the team to play on the offensive line. He is has great size and uses it well at the point of attack. Tyszka gets his lower half into blocks and drives back the defensive line, resetting the line of scrimmage on running plays. He is agile and quick on his feet, which will serve him well in pass protection. Kuba looks like he has a future as a tackle once he gets up to speed at the next level.

OL Quinn Grovesteen

Quinn comes to the Cowboys to play offensive line. He has great size and knows how to use it well, pushing players around and opening up big holes. Grovesteen moves well and can get down field to block on screens or in the second level. He is especially skilled in run-blocking where he gets his hole body into his blocks. Quinn played tackle in high school but looks like he would be better suited at guard in college.

DT Jayden Williams

Jayden is one of the defensive tackles in this class. He is a menace in the interior, getting out of his stance quickly and causing havoc in the backfield. Williams is agile and can get past blockers and then chase down quarterbacks as they try to escape. He is a sound tackler, wrapping up well and not letting anyone escape. Jayden looks like he will have a bright future once he adjusts to the college game.

DT Dante Drake

Dante is a very athletic defensive lineman. He overpowers blockers at the line of scrimmage and gets into the backfield with ease. Drake has great awareness and can move blockers where he wants in order to break free to get to the ball carrier. He is quick and stays with the play moves to the outside in order to make a tackle. Dante is someone who should get on the field early in his career.

DT Jake Davies

Jake comes to Wyoming by way of Illinois where he had a productive high school career. He specializes in getting to the quarterback, getting off the edge quickly and uses his length and speed to get past blockers. Davies does a really good job not overpursuing once he is in the back field, knowing when to stay patient in order to make a play. He is a great tackler, making sure to get his hands on any part of the quarterback he can and using his strength to bring him down. Jake has a lot of skills that will translate well once he gets to Wyoming.

DT Lucas Samsula

Lucas is a two-way player who will play defense with the Cowboys. He is a very physical player who has great length and an ideal frame to disrupt things along the defensive line. Samsula has a great understanding of his assignment on every play. He has long strides which help him cover a lot of ground quickly, ideal for getting into the backfield. Lucas will need time to adjust playing defense full-time but has great potential going forward.

DE Tell Wade

Tell is coming in as a defensive end. He is a high-mortor player who is determined to get after the quarterback on every play. Wade explodes off the snap and is in the backfield as soon as possible, getting in good position to make the play, regardless of if it is a run or pass. He has great game speed, moving as well as anyone on the field. Tell is the type of player who will get the most of out of physical abilities and have a productive career.

DB Chauncey Carter

Chauncey is coming to the team to play defensive back. He is extremely physical and is a hard-hitter at the point of contact. Carter is also great in coverage, tracking the ball well in the air and using his body to get inside leverage against wide receivers. He can also impact a game as a returner, where he can really showcase his speed and shiftiness. Chauncey will likely redshirt next season but it won’t be long before he sees the field.

DB Naz Hill

Naz is a great athlete who will play defensive back for the Cowboys. He is fast and physical, executing his assignment immediately after the ball is snapped. Hill has no issue keeping up with receivers and has the size and leaping ability to get his hands on a pass when it comes his way. He is able to recover well on routes with his long strides and closing speed. Naz will need to keep developing but has all the tools to succeed at the next level.

DB Ian Bell

Ian is another defensive back in this class. He has nice size on the outside and uses it well, matching receivers stride for strides and negating their height with his own when it comes to making a play on the ball. Bell reads plays well and uses his athleticism to get a step and keeps his hands active when the play comes his way. He seems to have a developed understanding of how to naturalize receivers and knock them off their routes. Ian probably won’t play next year but has a bright future.

DB Jones Thomas

Jones is a two-way player who is coming to Wyoming on the defensive side of the ball. He is an extremely physical player who moves around the field fluidly to make a play. Thomas has great instincts, reacting well to plays and getting in the proper position to make a hard hit. He takes good angles to the ball and wraps up well on his tackles. Jones looks like a great fit as a run-stopping safety in the years to come.

JUCO DB Tyrecus Davis

Tyrecus joins the Cowboys after a stint at junior college. He does a really nice job tracking the ball in the air and at times looks like a wide receiver leaping for a catch. Davis changes directions with no issue, looking smooth in his backpedal and closing in on the ball with noticeable speed. He covers receivers well both on the outside and in the slot. Tyrecus appears like he can step into a role on the two-deep next fall for Wyoming.

Writer’s Thoughts:

This is your typical Cowboy recruiting class. They focused on size, strength, and potential over proven talent. The Cowboys landed another big quarterback with a strong arm and a receiver that has the ability to be special. Landing some big defensive backs also seemed like a priority to Bohl and his staff in this class. I like the potential of this class, but the staff is taking a lot of risks this year as well.

Quick Hits:


Mike: Stevenson, Anderson

Zach: Stevenson, Anderson

Talented enough to play right away:

Mike: Stevenson, Anderson, Parks, Hill

Zach: Stevenson, Hill

Sleeper Recruit:

Mike: Wade, Rice

Zach: Carter, Parks

Best unit:

Mike: Offensive line, Defensive line

Zach: Cornerback, Defensive line


All in all, there are many bright spots in this Wyoming class. They have some talent at the top of the class and several other recruits who are high on potential and fit the scheme well. The rest of the class features the classic Bohl recruit; intriguing measurables, and football fundamentals. The Cowboys will rely on their tried and true development methods to get the most out of these players, which worked well a year ago and could again with this group. Combined with the incoming transfers, it is a class that could make some noise if all goes well.

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Thanks for following along with all of our recruiting posts. Monday, we will look at our Sleeper Team and then we will move into coverage for the class of 2024.