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Mountain West Reacts Results: Aggies, big game, season grade.

NCAA Basketball: Utah State at Colorado State Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

We asked the questions, you vote on the answers, we provide the results.

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Aggies are most likely to right the ship.

The votes pointed to the Aggies, with over a third of people going for Utah State. New Mexico and neither weren’t far off. With that being said, the Lobos looked much improved with Jalen House back in the lineup after missing three games.

People are gearing up for Nevada/Utah State tonight.

This was a landslide. People want to watch the Aggies and Wolf Pack square off this weekend. As for the other games, they were likely just fans of those teams voting.

The grades are in...

Over half of you think the conference deserves a B for their success this season. Nearly the same amount are giving them an A, meaning 98% of the voters think the Mountain West has had a very successful season. Those who voted F are either trolls or never happy with anything.