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BREAKING NEWS: Boise State hires from within, promoting Spencer Danielson to head coach

After a miracle ending to the regular season that was capped off with a Mountain West title, Danielson is now given the keys to the Bronco program.

NCAA Football: Mountain West Football Championship-Boise State at UNLV Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Weeks have gone by since the firing of Andy Avalos.

Hiring an in-house coach seemed far-fetched after a win against New Mexico brought the Broncos to 5-5.

The promoting of Spencer Danielson to interim head coach was just that.


However, the way in which “SD” carried himself, united the locker room, and influenced the energy of his players was too much to pass up for athletic director Jeramiah Dickey.

Current and recently graduated players advocated for Danielson like I have never seen before.

It is important to note that SD is greener than Avalos was when he came back to The Blue.

He has yet to face any true hurdles...or losses for that matter.

What is imperative in the short-term is that SD manages to keep the transfer portal numbers to a minimum.

Also, Ashton Jeanty’s position in the program is monumental.

Keeping Jeanty, along with Taylen Green and other key cogs on this roster, is step number one.

What staff Danielson builds is another question. Offensive coordinator Bush Hamdan did tremendous calling plays in the last three games and looks to have figured out how to utilize Taylen Green to his max efficiency. Can he keep Hamdan in Boise?

Also, who will Danielson make his defensive coordinator?

These are all questions that will be answered in the coming days and weeks, but now there is clarity.

Spencer Danielson is “the guy” for Boise State football now and heading into the future.

The 35-year old wanted his players to give him two weeks when he was tagged as the interim coach.

Now, they have a Mountain West title, a chance to tango with Chip Kelly and the UCLA Bruins, and their eyes set on bigger and better things in 2024.

Here’s to the Spencer Danielson era...