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Mountaintop View 12-26-23: Rebels OL, Bronco concerns, Nevada coaching staff, Conference NET Rankings, Colorado State.

NCAA Basketball: Denver at Colorado State Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Christmas is behind us, but the holiday season is still going strong. And, so are the links. Take a look at what we have for you today.

OL duo part of Rebel’s dynamic offense.

Right guard Amani Trigg-Wright has played for three different coaches at UNLV and never thought about leaving. Instead, he wanted to be part of the team that made the program relevant. Fellow lineman Tiger Shanks teamed up with him and decided they were going to be two of the players who led the charge. And that’s exactly what happened this season as the Rebels made the conference championship game and a bowl game. As the two returning OL starts this season, they now look to win their bowl game today.

Boise State concerns.

As the football team heads into the offseason, this columnist looks ahead to next year and details their reasons for concerns. Among them are a new head coach short on head coaching experience, too many returning assistant coaches, the current lack of a dynamic quarterback on the roster, and an overall lack of top tier/NFL talent. Plus, the schedule to open next season will be rough. Read the post and decide for yourself.

Wolf Pack football staff coming together.

Jeff Choate continues to assemble his initial coaching staff at Nevada. Interestingly enough, two coaches carry the interim tag. But why? This is because they want Matt Lubick to be their offensive coordinator, but he is currently battling cancer. If he is healthy enough to assume the mantle, he will and the coaching staff will fall in line behind him. However, if they don’t, Choate has the backup plan already in place.

NET Rankings by Conference.

MBB Rankings.

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