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HP #27 out now! First bowl recaps, transfer portal updates, and reviewing our preseason predictions!

Welcome back to the mountain! Fresno State won their bowl game, Boise State did not, and the transfer portal continues to expand. Plus making fun of our preseason predictions!

Welcome back to Hike’s Peak! Bowl season is underway, with Fresno State winning the New Mexico Bowl and Boise State losing out on the LA Bowl. We’ll also go over transfer portal updates AND review our site preseason awards and rankings! Here’s what’s going down on the mountaintop this week:

  1. Fresno State vs New Mexico State recap
  2. Boise State vs UCLA recap
  3. Hike’s Peak Weekly MVP
  4. Fresno State and Boise State season notes
  5. Transfer portal update
  6. Jack’s prediction stats for the season
  7. Look back on MWCC preseason awards + rankings

Episode link is here!

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