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Mountain West Reacts Results: Bowl Games, Bronco Mendenhall

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

We asked the questions, you voted on the answers, and now we provide the results.

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No confidence for Broncos and Bulldogs.

It’s either going to be a very exciting or very disappointing weekend for MW teams. Voters were more or less split, although more think both teams will lose the games today. However, almost just as many are thinking both teams will win. Welcome to bowl season, where anything can happen.

Mixed results on Mendenhall.

The results of this one were a bit surprising. The majority of fans are giving this one a C for an average higher, but the next highest result is an A, saying it was a great hire. Considering someone with this track record of success is coming to New Mexico, it should be seen positively.