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1st Annual Hike’s Peak Awards Show! Transfer Portal Update! Ep. 26 out now!

15 awards for the best in the Mountain West! Enjoy the first ever award show to take place on top of a mountain!

Welcome back to Hike’s Peak! As we wait for bowl season to start, this week’s episode is our award show! We have 15 unique honors to hand out to the Mountain West’s best. Here’s what’s going down on the mountaintop this week:

  1. Transfer Portal Update
  2. Off./Def. Player of the Year
  3. Off./Def. Transfer of the Year
  4. Special Teams MVP
  5. Off./Def. Freshman of the Year
  6. Off./Def. Breakout of the Year
  7. Game of the Year
  8. Play of the Year
  9. Upset of the Year
  10. Performance of the Year
  11. Coach of the Year
  12. Hike’s Peak 2023 MVP

Episode link is here!

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