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Wyoming takes down Colorado State, wins Border War

Cowboys will keep the Bronze Boot in town after a dominant win over CSU

Troy Babbitt - UW Athletics



A week after an embarrassing loss to Boise State, Wyoming bounces back with a win over their arch-nemesis; Colorado State, 24-15. It’s not taken lightly when the Rams come to town, and Peasley and company were ready for this matchup, starting out with a 10-point lead thanks to John Hoyland and Gunner Gentry. It was Gentry’s first touchdown since the opener in 2020.

Peasley’s Strong Start Trend Continues

Andrew Peasley was 9-12 for 104 yards and a touchdown in the first half, and in his first halves at home, those stat lines look awfully similar to that. He toned it down (as he usually does) in the second half only passing for 36 yards.

It’s pretty common to see actually, Craig Bohl straying away from the pass game in the latter half and letting his QB’s legs and Harrison Waylee shine. Which he did. Waylee trotted for 128 yards against the Rams, much improved from his total last week, 18 yards.

Peasley topped his total from Boise State as well, which wasn’t a difficult feat. He surpassed that total with just 12 minutes to play in the second quarter.

Defense Shines again

The linebacker duo of Shae Suiaunoa and Easton Gibbs both picked off Brayden Fowler-Nicolosi in crucial moments, and a fumble recovery from Westland put the icing on the cake to send CSU back south of the border.

On the Rams first touchdown there was a little bit of a blown coverage from Wrook Brown. Jake Norvell’s play call just simply outsmarted the DB, to give CSU some sort of life on offense.

Tory Horton left the game with an injury early on, but came back to eventually catch seven balls for only 58 yards, one of his lowest of the season. Kolbey Taylor did a really good job of containing the superstar receiver and despite being the Rams leading receiver, Horton didn’t really have an effect on this game.

Pokes Become Bowl Eligible

With their sixth win, Craig Bohl’s squad is finally bowl eligible, the fourth Mountain West team that will be headed to the post-season this year. It took three tries, but the Pokes have finally hit the six win mark and go bowling yet another time.

Wyoming beats Colorado State for the third time in a row, keeping the Bronze Boot in Laramie for yet another year, the trophy claimed by the winner of this bitter rivalry series.

Final Thoughts

Its nice to get back in the win column, but this team hasn’t convinced me quite yet. A rivalry game is always going to be hard to win, but Colorado State has one of the worst defenses in college football right now, and that’s something Craig Bohl can work with.

UNLV will be their last true test of the year before the post-season, and this season has given me very mixed feelings about the football program moving forward.

The inconsistency is real.

However, the defense still looks as good as ever, and something I’d like to touch on is the under use of Ayir Asante on the offensive side. This guy is virtually always open, or doing some crazy route running that often times gets overshadowed by Peasley’s running ability. The amount of times he has been open and the next moment we see the QB taking off for a nine yard gain is honestly frustrating.

He scored a touchdown in this game, and it was one of the better plays I’ve ever seen out of a Wyoming receiver. Craig Bohl seriously needs to figure out how to use this guy.

Aside from that, it was a good game and a positive sign going into UNLV week where UW will be tested one last time by one of the Mountain West’s elite teams.