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Mountaintop View 11-15-23. Rankings, College Football Playoff, Richard Clark, Conference Realignment, Broyles Award, MBB POTW

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UNLV Football Spring Showcase Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s getting closer to the weekend, and that means more football games. Once again, it’s the mid-way point of the weekend, and we are already closer to game day. Through it all, we have you covered. Take a look at today’s links, plus the content coming your way on our site.

Mountain West Rankings.

Here are Chris Murray’s weekly football rankings. The Rebels deservedly move into the top spot in the conference, with the Bulldogs and Falcons behind them. San Jose State is fourth, ahead of Wyoming, which is bound to please those were critiqued this site’s rankings. The Broncos and Aggies come in next, but the winner of this week’s game will obviously hold claim to the 6th spot. Hawaii is ahead of Colorado State, which is interesting, although the Rainbow Warriors are on a hot streak this month. Then, San Diego State, and New Mexico come next, with Nevada bringing up the rear.

College Football Playoff changes likely.

In what should be a surprise to no one, the college football playoff committee is moving closer to changing the playoff format before it even begins. Given the demise of the PAC12 conference, it seems inevitable that they will move from a 6+6 model to a 5+7 model. It makes sense, so no one seems to be putting up a fight.

Falcon alum Clark named CFP executive director.

Last Friday was filled with some big news if you’re an Air Force fan. The superintendent, Lt. Gen. Richard M. Clark, was announced as the new executive director of the College Football Playoff. Clark has had a decorated military career, was going to retire from his current role, and was under consideration to be on the college football playoff committee anyway. He will oversee lots of transitions to the playoff while leading things.

Update on the PAC-2 situation.

5 MW Broyles Award Nominees.

Basketball Players of the Week.

On the horizon:

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