Which NFL Teams Had The Best Chances to Get to the Superbowl Before the Beginning of the Season

The 2023 NFL season started with a surprising twist at Arrowhead Stadium as the Kansas City Chiefs, the preseason Super Bowl favorites, faced an unexpected defeat at the hands of the Detroit Lions, losing 20-21.

Despite this setback, the Chiefs are still viewed as top contenders for the championship, though their odds have shifted slightly from 6-1 to 7-1, according to several bookmakers.

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Back to the NFL season, if the Chiefs were to secure another Super Bowl victory, they would be the first team to achieve back-to-back titles since the New England Patriots in 2004 and 2005. Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback, has raised expectations for the Chiefs, guiding them to two Super Bowl wins since taking the helm in 2018.

After the intrigues of the early season in college football and the NFL, some factors should be considered before placing bets on the Chiefs. Defensive tackle Chris Jones's contract dispute could lead to him sitting out the first half of the season, potentially impacting the Chiefs' defense. Additionally, the recent knee injury to tight end Travis Kelce, a key player in the Chiefs' offense, raises concerns, even though the injury isn't severe.

Furthermore, history is not in favor of preseason favorites. In the last 15 seasons, the preseason favorites have won the Super Bowl only twice. The trend of preseason favorites falling short continued last season when the Buffalo Bills, the early favorites, were defeated in the playoffs.

Looking beyond the Chiefs, the Philadelphia Eagles are favored to win the NFC, but it's worth noting that Super Bowl rematches of the previous season's participants are rare. The Buffalo Bills are listed at 9-1 odds, followed by the San Francisco 49ers at 10-1 odds. The 49ers have an intriguing storyline, with quarterback Brock Purdy stepping up last season after injuries to Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo. A healthy Purdy this season could make the 49ers strong contenders for the championship.

Key insights into the odds for the NFL season