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Mountaintop View 10-11-23. Boise State, Air Force, UNLV, Swimmers, XC, Future Games.

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Hawaii v UNLV Photo by Louis Grasse/Getty Images

It’s getting closer to the weekend, and that means more football games. Once again, it’s the mid-way point of the weekend, and we are already closer to game day. Through it all, we have you covered. Take a look at today’s links, plus the content coming your way on our site.

What’s going on with Boise State?

Chris Vannini tackles this question in his Group of 5 mailbag. He states the two-QB is an odd one and one that won’t work long-term because one should emerge and if they don’t, that’s a bigger issue. As for Coach Avalos and the program? He simply says they have to be better and it’s a probably they are already eliminated from NY6 contention this season. Also of note, he speaks on why ESPN doesn’t have it’s own G5 show. Mainly because they lack CFB coverage to begin with. But he thinks it would be a great idea for the conferences to create, although it may cost too much time and money considering the potentially small audience. He does shout out CBS Sports for doing a live halftime show for all games rather than resorting to pretaped stuff during some timeslots.

Why is Air Force succeeding?

Once again, the Falcon defense is among the best in the nation. Bo Richter is generating a stout pass rush while Trey Taylor and Jayden Goodwin are taking care of business in the secondary. Also, all of them are stepping up their game on third-down, allowing opponents to convert just 22.8% of those downs over their 10-game win streak, which dates back to last November. The yards to go doesn’t matter, and neither does preventing the run or the pass, Air Force is dominating no matter the situation.

Las Vegas may not how a relevant football program.

UNLV football is 4-1, which is even more impressive considering the program has only had one winning season since 2000. A look into what Barry Odom has created reveals everyone is getting equal reps in practice, something that started during the season, which has produced depth. The Go-Go offense, which combines triple-option run plays with vertical passing schemes, has been a success thus far, especially since Jayden Maiava has taken over at QB. They have built an impressive rushing attack, which has allowed the Rebels to score 40+ points 3 games in a row for the first time in school history.

Olympic Sport POTW

Future Games

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