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Mountaintop View 1-4-23. Lobo love, Lobo critique, Transformation committee, POTW, NET Rankings

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NCAA Basketball: New Mexico at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hump day, and the coverage is still going strong. Conference basketball games are up and running, and we have you covered. Take a look at today’s links, plus the content coming your way on our site.

17 Things to know about New Mexico.

As the only remaining undefeated team in the country (at the time of the article and the time of this writing), content about the Lobos is picking up. This is a fun read with some interesting tidbits. For instance, the last UNM team to start 14-0 was 55 years ago, they have attempted the second most free throws in the country, and are averaging 36.9 ppg in the paint. Also, they are only one of three teams with three players averaging 15+ppg.

Are the Lobos untested?

Not all content has been positive for New Mexico, however. This one is from the New York Times and makes the argument they haven’t played many good teams thus far. In fact, the author only points to three respectable games among the 14. Since they are starting conference play, the road will get tougher for not just the Lobos but really the entire conference.

NCAA Transformation Committee Recommendations.

The committee has submitted their recommendations to the board of directors. The highlights include: DI sports expanding post-seasons to include 25% of sports, each sport having a management committee, and that schools will cover medical costs for two years after they leave the school. Another big one is getting rid of the football attendance requirement for schools to average 15,000 fans at home games.

WBB Players of the Week.

MWC showing up in the NET Rankings.

On the horizon:

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