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Mountain West Class of 2023 Signing Day Tracker (February)

We have you covered as recruits sign their letters of intent.

Signing Day is here once again. Below has each verbal commit listed under their respective team.

Listed for each team are the numbers for confirmed signings. Signings were confirmed primarily through direct conversations with players (I personally spoke with around 180 players), although some were confirmed through their tweets or else other sources. The identity of which players are signing or not signing are purposely not shared with respect to the recruit (meaning if a recruit said they were going to sign and then changed their mind, they won’t be berated on Twitter.

Note: Not every player responded for comment on whether or not they would be signing on Wednesday. Due to this, the numbers reported to be signing only reflect those who have responded. Just because a recruit did not respond doesn’t mean they are or are not intending to sign Wednesday.

Also, it was difficult to get in touch with all the transfers. They are all counted in the numbers, but even if they didn’t respond, it is safe to assume they will sign Wednesday and enroll for spring semester.

Note: It is sometimes difficult to tell how many transfers have already signed prior to February 1st. Some schools have announced along the way and others have not. It can be assumed transfers have signed and enrolled with their new school, but not always. We made the decision to go track only what a school has officially announced. Therefore, things may not be completely accurate heading into Signing Day.

Check back continuously for updates Wednesday and beyond.

Air Force

It’s important to remember for this program, just because it hasn’t been reported that a player signed doesn’t necessarily mean they did not sign.

The only statement Air Force can release today. So any players signing today is seen through their Twitter account or verbal confirmation.

76 confirmed verbal commitments. (Although there is always the possibility that some signees or even commitments were missed)

Brent Briggeman does an awesome job tracking things. While I confirmed most on my own, I compared notes with him as well.

68 players signed

  • QB Maguire Martin SIGNED
  • QB Jacob Kilzer SIGNED
  • QB Josh Johnson SIGNED
  • RB Owen Allen SIGNED
  • RB Roman Bradley SIGNED
  • RB Rocco Conti SIGNED
  • RB Dermot White SIGNED
  • RB Ryan Henning SIGNED
  • RB Luke Rauh SIGNED
  • RB Luke Gall SIGNED
  • RB Keegan Bass SIGNED
  • WR KeShon Singleton SIGNED
  • WR Jet Wiley SIGNED
  • WR Mason Hayes SIGNED
  • WR Jalen Pope SIGNED
  • WR Grant Wayne SIGNED
  • WR Anthony Wenson SIGNED
  • WR Hiro Carr SIGNED
  • TE Ripp Perez SIGNED
  • TE Donnie Carney SIGNED
  • TE Mitchell Blakeslee SIGNED
  • TE Aidan Behymer SIGNED
  • TE Simon Kibbee SIGNED
  • OL Jon Ashford SIGNED
  • OL TJ Tarascio SIGNED
  • OL Devin Lively SIGNED
  • OL Skye Richardson SIGNED
  • OL Evan Keefe SIGNED
  • OL Griffin Stalfort SIGNED
  • OL Ian Fisher SIGNED
  • OL Gage Spencer SIGNED
  • OL Carson Titus SIGNED
  • OL Justus Perales SIGNED
  • OL John Brambila SIGNED
  • OL Laird Wheeler SIGNED
  • DT Ty Holiday SIGNED
  • DT Victor King SIGNED
  • DT Kade Tompkins SIGNED
  • DL Charlie Gleason SIGNED
  • DL Carson Hall SIGNED
  • DE Aiden Herring SIGNED
  • DE Kaden Freeman SIGNED
  • DE Cole Baird SIGNED
  • DE Luke Logan SIGNED
  • DE Dixon Gray Ryan SIGNED
  • DE Keegun Moore SIGNED
  • LB Isaac Hubert SIGNED
  • LB Kade Steadman SIGNED
  • LB Vinnie Canosa SIGNED
  • LB Blake Fletcher SIGNED
  • LB Cole Nilles SIGNED
  • LB Brody Bujnoch SIGNED
  • LB Joe Ginnetti SIGNED
  • LB Luke Fisher SIGNED
  • LB DJ Ritter SIGNED
  • DB Houston Hendrix SIGNED
  • DB Devin Jordan SIGNED
  • DB Nicholas Beckwith SIGNED
  • DB Greg Hartley III SIGNED
  • DB Dane Parker SIGNED
  • DB JT Tomescko SIGNED
  • DB Erik Lewis SIGNED
  • DB Kyle Chen SIGNED
  • DB Shawn Braxton SIGNED
  • DB Jacob Martin SIGNED
  • DB Will Courtney SIGNED
  • K/P Bryce Olson SIGNED
  • LS Dominic Diaz SIGNED

Boise State

27 players signed

Signing Day Central

Press Conference

Press Conference

  • QB CJ Tiller SIGNED
  • RB Jambres Dubar SIGNED
  • WR Jackson Grier SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Chase Penry SIGNED
  • TE Cayden Dawson SIGNED
  • TE Oliver Fisher SIGNED
  • TE Matt Wagner SIGNED
  • OL Jason Steele SIGNED
  • OL Kyle Cox SIGNED
  • OL Carson Rasmussen SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Olugbenga Komolafe SIGNED
  • DT Michael Madrie SIGNED
  • Transfer DT Sheldon Newton SIGNED
  • DL Brady Phillips SIGNED
  • DE Max Stege SIGNED
  • DE Demanuel Brown SIGNED
  • Transfer DE Kivon Wright SIGNED
  • Transfer DE Tyler Wegis SIGNED
  • LB Wyatt Milkovic SIGNED
  • LB Chase Martin SIGNED
  • DB Franklyn Johnson Jr SIGNED
  • DB Khai Taylor SIGNED
  • DB Ty Benefield SIGNED
  • DB Nick Hawthorne SIGNED
  • DB Gabe Tahir SIGNED
  • JUCO DB A’marion McCoy SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Milo Lopez SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Titus Toler SIGNED

Colorado State

40 players signed

Signing Day Central

Press Conference

  • QB Jackson Brousseau SIGNED
  • RB Damian Henderson SIGNED
  • RB Justin Marshall SIGNED
  • WR Niko Lopez SIGNED
  • WR Stephon Daily SIGNED
  • WR Jamari Person SIGNED
  • WR Jaylen Gardner SIGNED
  • WR Lavon Brown SIGNED
  • WR Silas Evans III SIGNED
  • WR Caleb Goodie SIGNED
  • WR Terryonte Taylor SIGNED
  • TE Mason Muaau SIGNED
  • JUCO TE Vince Brown SIGNED
  • Transfer TE Dallin Holker SIGNED
  • OL Christian Martin SIGNED
  • OL Tanner Morley SIGNED
  • OL Aitor Jr Urionabarrenechea SIGNED
  • OL Chris Maxey SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Cameron Jackson SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Ethen Erikson SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Jakob Belton SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Saveyon Henderson SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Oliver Jervis SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Drew Moss SIGNED
  • DT Andrew Laurich SIGNED
  • Transfer DL Matt Thomas SIGNED
  • DE Kennedy McDowell SIGNED
  • DE Javion Smith-Combs SIGNED
  • DE Kenyon Agurs SIGNED
  • LB Buom Jock SIGNED
  • LB Drew Rodriguez SIGNED
  • LB Whitefield Powell SIGNED
  • DB TJ Crandall SIGNED
  • DB Dylan Phillips SIGNED
  • DB Dante Scott SIGNED
  • DB Jett Vincent SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Tyrell Grayson Jr SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Dominic Morris SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Ron Hardge III SIGNED
  • LS Morgan Tribbett SIGNED

Fresno State

24 players signed

Signing Day Central

  • QB Jayden Mandal SIGNED
  • Transfer QB Mikey Keene SIGNED
  • RB Devon Rivers SIGNED
  • RB Charles Greer SIGNED
  • Transfer RB Damien Moore SIGNED
  • JUCO WR Tim Grear SIGNED
  • JUCO WR Artis Cole SIGNED
  • JUCO WR Antoine Sullivan SIGNED
  • TE Brock Lium SIGNED
  • TE Richie Anderson SIGNED
  • JUCO TE Jake Tarwater SIGNED
  • OL Edward Fonua SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Hayden Pulis SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Caleb Barajas SIGNED
  • JUCO DT Dupre Mendoza SIGNED
  • DL Mordecai Hines SIGNED
  • DE Isiah Chala SIGNED
  • JUCO DE Ezra Christensen SIGNED
  • LB RL Miller SIGNED
  • Transfer LB Tuasivi Nomura SIGNED
  • DB Brandon Ramirez SIGNED
  • DB Justin Johnson SIGNED
  • DB Ah’marion Ashley SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Dean Clark SIGNED


30 players signed

Signing Day Central

Press Conference

  • QB John Keawe Sagapolutele SIGNED
  • WR Eddie Osei-Nketia SIGNED
  • WR Liatama Uiliata SIGNED
  • WR Maclane Watkins SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Steven McBride SIGNED
  • OL Kaleb Carter SIGNED
  • OL Isaac Maugaleoo SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Fred Pelling SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Joshua Atkins SIGNED
  • DL Zoram Petelo SIGNED
  • DL Ha’aheo Dela Cruz SIGNED
  • DL Aiden McComber SIGNED
  • JUCO DT Daniel Williams SIGNED
  • Transfer DT Kuao Peihopa SIGNED
  • Transfer DL Josh Jerome SIGNED
  • Transfer DE Elijah Robinson SIGNED
  • LB Jamih Otis SIGNED
  • LB Junior Fiaui SIGNED
  • LB Vaifanua Peko SIGNED
  • Transfer LB Patrick Hisatake SIGNED
  • DB Ezekiel Rodriguez SIGNED
  • DB Deliyon Freeman SIGNED
  • DB Makana Meyer SIGNED
  • DB Elijah Palmer SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Cbo Brown SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Justin Sinclair SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Christion Williams SIGNED
  • JUCO DB DaMarco Moorer SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Cam Stone SIGNED
  • ATH Domata Peko Jr SIGNED


25 players signed

Signing Day Central

  • QB Jax Leatherwood SIGNED
  • Transfer QB Brendon Lewis SIGNED
  • RB Amini Amone SIGNED
  • RB Conner Noah SIGNED
  • Transfer RB Sean Dollars SIGNED
  • Transfer RB Ashton Hayes SIGNED
  • WR Marshaun Brown SIGNED
  • WR Nate Burleson SIGNED
  • TE Jayden O’Rourke SIGNED
  • Transfer TE Keleki Latu SIGNED
  • OL RJ Esmon SIGNED
  • OL Josiah Timoteo SIGNED
  • JUCO OL John Bolles SIGNED
  • Transfer DT Mackavelli Laie Malotumau SIGNED
  • Transfer DE Henry Ikahihifo SIGNED
  • JUCO DL Sosefo Moeaki SIGNED
  • LB D’Angelo Davis SIGNED
  • LB Hezekiah Anahu-Ambrosio SIGNED
  • Transfer LB Jackson LaDuke SIGNED
  • DB Journey McKoy SIGNED
  • DB Jonah Lewis SIGNED
  • DB Bishop Turner SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Tori Mulkey SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Michael Coats Jr SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Tre Weed SIGNED

New Mexico

34 players signed

Signing Day Central

Press Conference

  • QB Devon Dampier SIGNED
  • QB Aidan Armenta SIGNED
  • Transfer QB Dylan Hopkins SIGNED
  • Transfer QB David Charles Tabscott SIGNED
  • JUCO RB Dorian Lewis SIGNED
  • Transfer RB Andrew Henry SIGNED
  • WR Evan Wysong SIGNED
  • WR Nic Trujillo SIGNED
  • JUCO WR Alex Murrell SIGNED
  • JUCO WR Duke Miller SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Ryan Davis SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Jeremiah Hixon SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Caleb Medford SIGNED
  • JUCO TE Everett Hunter SIGNED
  • Transfer TE Magnus Geers SIGNED
  • OL Matthew Toilolo SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Devon Smith SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Reese Steele SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Ikani Tuiono SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Sam Telesa SIGNED
  • JUCO DL Hunter Rapolla SIGNED
  • Transfer DL Gabriel Lopez SIGNED
  • LB Jayden Wilson SIGNED
  • JUCO LB Dimitri Johnson SIGNED
  • JUCO LB Mihalis Santorineos SIGNED
  • DB Hunter Wiggins SIGNED
  • DB Edward Blacklock SIGNED
  • DB Skylar Cook SIGNED
  • DB Dereck Moore SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Aaron Smith SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Marvin Covington SIGNED
  • Transfer DB D’Aarco Perkins McAlliser SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Bryson Washington SIGNED

San Diego State

22 players signed

Signed Day Central

  • QB Javance Tupouata-Johnson SIGNED
  • WR Tyson Berry SIGNED
  • WR Baylin Brooks SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Raphael Williams Jr. SIGNED
  • OL Jonah Rodriguez SIGNED
  • OL Ryan Silver SIGNED
  • OL Briley Barron SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Kyle Stanback SIGNED
  • Transfer DT Samuela Tuihalamaka SIGNED
  • DE Sinn Brennan SIGNED
  • DE Brady Nassar SIGNED
  • JUCO DE Talib Salahuddin SIGNED
  • JUCO DL Tupu Alualu SIGNED
  • JUCO DL Kenneth Jiles Jr SIGNED
  • LB Chris Fewell SIGNED
  • LB Caleb Otlewski SIGNED
  • Transfer LB Cody Moon SIGNED
  • DB Jelani McLaughlin SIGNED
  • DB Jordan Napier SIGNED
  • DB Marcus Ratcliffe SIGNED
  • DB Samuel Dunnell SIGNED
  • Transfer DB JD Coffey SIGNED

San Jose State

20 players signed

Signing Day Central

  • Transfer QB Jay-Butterfield SIGNED
  • Transfer RB Quali Conley SIGNED
  • Transfer RB Isaiah Ifanse SIGNED
  • WR Keynan Higgins SIGNED
  • TE/DE Kamaehu Kaawalauole SIGNED
  • OL Nate Hale SIGNED
  • OL Luke Griskey SIGNED
  • DL Vaka Hansen SIGNED
  • DE Alexander Cobbs SIGNED
  • DE Kade Millard SIGNED
  • JUCO DE Tavarius Pitts SIGNED
  • LB Dylan Lee SIGNED
  • JUCO LB Noah McNeal-Franklin SIGNED
  • DB Hunter Nowell SIGNED
  • DB Greco Carrillo SIGNED
  • DB Imari Conley SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Isiah Revis SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Jayvion Cole SIGNED
  • Transfer DB DJ Harvey SIGNED
  • Transfer K Kyler Halvorsen SIGNED


25 players signed

Signing Day Central

Press Conference

  • QB Bo Edmundson SIGNED
  • QB/ATH DeAngelo Irvin Jr SIGNED
  • RB Jai-Den Thomas SIGNED
  • RB Darrien Jones SIGNED
  • WR Rashawn Jackson SIGNED
  • WR Corey Thompson Jr. SIGNED
  • JUCO WR Jacob De Jesus SIGNED
  • JUCO TE Charlie Williams SIGNED
  • JUCO TE Christian Earls SIGNED
  • OL Ed Haynes SIGNED
  • OL/DL Matthew Greene SIGNED
  • OL Austin Boyd SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Jack Hasz SIGNED
  • Transfer OL Jalen St John III SIGNED
  • DT Maxwell Peterson SIGNED
  • DE Lucas Conti SIGNED
  • LB Blesyng AluAlu-Tuiolemotu SIGNED
  • Transfer LB Zavier Carter SIGNED
  • Transfer LB Jackson Woodward SIGNED
  • DB Cameren Jenkins SIGNED
  • DB Jett Elad SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Quentin Moten SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Jalen Frazier SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Jaxen Turner SIGNED
  • Transfer K Jose Pizano SIGNED

Utah State

31 players signed

Signing Day Central

Press Conference

  • QB McCae Hillstead SIGNED
  • RB Jaydon Bailey SIGNED
  • RB Zakkarii Black SIGNED
  • RB Reggie Foster SIGNED
  • JUCO RB Davon Booth SIGNED
  • WR Jackson Olsen SIGNED
  • JUCO WR Micah Davis SIGNED
  • JUCO WR Kahanu Davis SIGNED
  • JUCO WR Arcelles Johnson SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Colby Bowman SIGNED
  • TE Will Monney SIGNED
  • JUCO TE Isaiah Alonzo SIGNED
  • OL Taliafi Taala SIGNED
  • OL Jr Sia SIGNED
  • JUCO OL Jake Hellmann SIGNED
  • DT Justin Ena SIGNED
  • JUCO DT Vaughn Mamea SIGNED
  • JUCO DL Fale Mosley SIGNED
  • JUCO DL Clifton Mosley Jr SIGNED
  • DE Zion Andreasen SIGNED
  • JUCO DE Cian Slone SIGNED
  • JUCO DE Maka Tuakoi SIGNED
  • Transfer LB Gavin Barthiel SIGNED
  • DB Kadiyon Sweat SIGNED
  • DB Chase Davis SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Rondald Fuselier SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Javar Strong SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Jaylen Martin SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Devin Dye SIGNED
  • Transfer DB Malone Mataele SIGNED
  • JUCO K William Testa SIGNED


22 players signed

Signing Day Central

  • QB Kaden Anderson SIGNED
  • RB Keany Parks SIGNED
  • RB Tyler Jacklich SIGNED
  • Transfer RB Harrison Waylee SIGNED
  • WR Bricen Brantley SIGNED
  • WR Justin Stevenson SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Ayir Asante SIGNED
  • Transfer WR Devin Boddie Jr. SIGNED
  • OL Nathan Geiger SIGNED
  • OL Brandt Rice SIGNED
  • OL Kuba Tyszka SIGNED
  • OL Quinn Grovesteen SIGNED
  • DT Jayden Williams SIGNED
  • DT Dante Drake SIGNED
  • DT Jake Davies SIGNED
  • DT Lucas Samsula SIGNED
  • DE Tell Wade SIGNED
  • DB Chauncey Carter SIGNED
  • DB Naz Hill SIGNED
  • DB Ian Bell SIGNED
  • DB Jones Thomas SIGNED
  • JUCO DB Tyrecus Davis SIGNED

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