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2023 Tropical Bowl Stock Report

Let’s take stock of players’ bowl performances.

NCAA Football: San Diego State at UCLA Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Following the game, let’s look at how each player changed their stock. Keep in mind information can be hard to come by for players, depending on their performance or their position. If anyone else can find info, please post in the comments.

The Players:

Note: The roster, released on Monday, indicates a much larger MWC cohort than what is detailed here. We were not able to cover them all here, but will attempt to include more in the stock report. Traditionally, we go off of what players, teams, or the bowl itself announce on twitter. Also, it is unknown which players are practice-only and which are competing in the games.

OL Isaac Cochran (Air Force)

  • Twitter Buzz: N/A
  • Synopsis: Cochran was a force on the offensive line in college, but he needed a strong week to get on the draft radar. It doesn’t seem like he was able to accomplish that.
  • Stock Report: DOWN

TE Jordan Murray (Hawaii)

  • Twitter Buzz: N/A
  • Synopsis: Ditto for Murray, who did not gain any public praise. His next chance to turn some heads will be his pro day.
  • Stock Report: DOWN

OL Micah Vanterpool (Hawaii)

  • Twitter Buzz:

  • Synopsis: Scouts really liked his size and he got noticed for winning his 1v1s more often than not. He seems to be on the bubble for the NFL but could have great success in the CFL
  • Stock Report: SLIGHTLY UP

WR Braxton Burmeister (San Diego State)

  • Twitter Buzz:
  • Synopsis: Burmeister is an intriguing player due to his athleticism and ability to play a few different positions. The downside of that is he has not played any one position in college for any length or time or with any sustained success. At the Tropical Bowl, he didn’t do anything to change that assessment but has earned another look at his Pro Day.
  • Stock Report: EVEN

DE Keshawn Banks (San Diego State)

  • Twitter Buzz:

  • Synopsis: Banks saw his draft stock rise after a solid week of practice. He has intriguing size and produced in college, and it sounds like he was able to do the same against good competition. Teams have definitely taken notice.
  • Stock Report: WAY UP

QB Logan Bonner (Utah State)

  • Twitter Buzz:

  • Synopsis: Bonner caught the eye of a few scouts, although it may be on the CFL side of things. Still, he helped his case this week.
  • Stock Report: SLIGHTLY UP

As for the other players on the roster, again, they may have only been part of the practice roster. However, there was nothing of note about DB Caleb Biggers (Boise State), DE CJ Onyechi (Colorado State), OL Gray Davis (Colorado State), DE PJ Huff Jr (Nevada) OL Daviyon McDaniel (UNLV), OL Cobe Bryant (UNLV), OL DJ Stuckey (UNLV), DL Tavis Malakius (UNLV), DB Gurvan Hall (Utah State)

The Stock Report for all of them is: DOWN