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Mountaintop View 9-8-22

Boise State’s quarterback controversy, the massive Hawaii spread, SP+ picks and more from Wednesday

Boise State v Oregon State Photo by Ali Gradischer/Getty Images

What Taylen Green — and his legs — bring to Boise State’s offense

In one of the more shocking developments from Week 1, Boise State played terribly against Oregon State. In fairness, starting quarterback Hank Bachmeier played a big role in that dismantling, tossing the Broncos hopes of winning away in the first quarter. This led to said shocking development: one of the G5’s most hyped quarterbacks being benched in the opener. He was replaced by freshman Taylen Green whom, while he had an uneven performance, flashed upside. Give the article above a read.

Aztecs: Canopies didn’t pencil out for Snapdragon Stadium

As if losing to Arizona wasn’t embarrassing enough, SDSU has been catching crap on the internet for how unprepared the stadium was for the heat. Some have wondered: why aren’t there canopies? Click the link for the explanation.

Canzano: Catching up with that chip on the shoulder

John Canzano reminisces with former Fresno State Bulldog Cameron Worrell about the old days when Pat Hill had Fresno State upsetting Power 5 opposition left and right. The Bulldogs hope to rekindle those memories Saturday against Oregon State.

Hawaii game is biggest point spread in Michigan football history

The Rainbow Warriors should legitimately celebrate in some small way if they cover this spread. A historic beatdown is expected for Timmy Chang’s squad.

Week 2 SP+ Picks

Lobos are busting out some cool helmets for Friday’s game against BSU

Hawaii’s QB rotating continues

Big crowd expected for Colorado State

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