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Mountaintop View 9-28-22. Aggie discipline, Ram’s Horton, Rebel expectations, Transfer portal, POTW

Connecticut v Utah State Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

It’s hump day and a weekend full of games is coming. To get there a bit quicker, take a look at today’s links plus the content coming your way on our site.

How can Utah State right the ship?

This article discusses how discipline is the biggest issue for the team currently. Penalties are increasing and resulting from emotion getting the best of players. Ditto for coaches. Turnovers are happening at an alarming rate as well. Now the question is how to channel that passion and energy into positive changes for the team as there is still a large part of the season left.

Ram’s Horton is in rare company.

Not much has gone right for Colorado State so far in the 2022 season. However, one of the few bright spots has been wide receiver Tory Horton. Through four games, he has collected 427 yards and 5 touchdowns. This puts him on a great pace for a historic season. It also puts Colorado State on track to return back to the Wide Receiver U status they had in previous years.

Rebels embrace expectations.

Winning is the goal. It’s also fun. And it also comes with bigger expectations. That’s where UNLV finds itself now that they are off to their best start since 2008. Coach Arroyo was prepared for this and is preaching his message to the team. Part of that message is they haven’t earned anything yet and there is still so much more work to do.

Transfer Portal News

XC Athletes of the Week

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