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Rebels Keep the Streak Alive after Their First Road Win and Third Win of the Season

Led by QB Doug Brumfield, the UNLV football team goes into Utah State and gets their first road win and first conference win this season.

QB Doug Brumfield is fired up after his two rushing TD performance against Utah State
UNLV Football Twitter

When teams are favored and on the road, especially in College Football, it usually means there is a recipe for disaster. But this wasn’t the case for the UNLV Rebels.

Game Recap

After two UNLV punts Utah State was the first to score in the game. However, the Rebels on the next drive, drove 89 yards down the field in only seven plays to tie the game back up at 7. The score was a QB Doug Brumfield rushing TD that was set up by two long pass plays from Brumfield. After that drive there was 3:01 left in the 1st Quarter.

After a turnover-on-downs by Utah State on their own 5-yard line, UNLV scored again with before the 1st ended. It was another Brumfield rushing TD.

The 1st Quarter ended with UNLV up 14-7.

The beginning of the 2nd Quarter started with an Utah State punt. The Rebels started on their own 38-yard line. They moved the ball down the field with precision, taking just a little under three minutes off the clock. This drive was capped off by a 6-yard TD pass from Brumfield to WR Kyle Williams.

The Rebel Defense kept the Aggies contained all game. After the TD drive, UNLV’s defense had two interceptions to stop Utah State drives and keep the momentum in their side. However, only 3 points came from the two picks. Utah State kicked a field goal and scored a TD putting them only down 8.

UNLV then kicked a field goal towards the end of the half after a seven play drive. The score after one half of play was 27-16, Rebels. Another ball was picked off after the field goal putting the Rebels at 3 interceptions in the first half.

UNLV defense again stepped up in the second half with not allowing the Aggies to score in the 3rd Quarter at all. The only points put up in that quarter was a RB Aidan Robbins 5-yard rushing TD where he bruised his way into the endzone.

The Utah State Aggies ended up throwing two more interceptions in the rest of the game and only putting up one more TD with a two-point conversion.

Rebels win 34-24.



  • Doug Brumfield - 21/31 217 YDS 1 TD


  • Aidan Robbins - 81 YDS 1 TD
  • Doug Brumfield - 2 TD


  • Jeff Weimer - 5 REC 57 YDS
  • Nick Williams - 3 REC 53 YDS
  • Kyle Williams - 3 REC 43 YDS 1 TD
  • Shelton Zeon III - 4 REC 43 YDS


  • ILB Austin Ajiake - 10 TKS 1 INT
  • DB Jerrae Williams - 5 TKS 1 INT
  • DB Cameron Oliver - 2 TKS 1 INT
  • DB Nohl Williams - 2 TKS 2 INT


  • Rebels showed they can win on the road.
  • Brumfield showed his Lamar Jackson-ness with a passing TD and two rushing TDs.
  • Robbins still showed he could be the best back in the Mountain West.
  • The Brumfield-Weimer connection is strong and will continue to get stronger.
  • Kyle Williams is a down the field threat.

The Rebels go on to play back at home in Allegiant Stadium against New Mexico on Friday Sept. 30th at 8:00 PM PDT.