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Mountaintop View 9-22-22

MW Football Notes, Week 3 Empires Map, Volleyball and more!!

Duquesne v Hawaii

We sail one day closer to weekend football action as well as start of conference volleyball schedule. Check out how a volleyball team and a player are making comebacks. Plenty of other links to nosh on, even for a vegan! Enjoy!!

MW Football Weekly Release

News and notes from around the Mountain West is preparation of Week 4 action.

Week 3 Empires Map

Biggest gainers: Oregon, Wyoming, NC State, Penn State

Last week’s for reference...

Aztecs quarterback Will Haskell leaves the team

The once regarded QB of the future for San Diego State has decided to take his talents elsewhere. Guess the new stadium not as big a selling point as thought....

Confident Wyoming ready for challenge against No. 19 BYU

Two teams on a mission meet Saturday night for only the second time in the past 11 years. BYU wants to prove they are a force to be reckoned with after getting beat handily by Oregon while Wyoming out to prove that their upset over Air Force was not a fluke and they are an emerging team.

The case for Tim Plough

The Boise State Offensive Coordinator came in with bravado and talk of a high-powered offense. In the second year, those words have not come to fruition, much to the dismay of many in Bronco Nation who have grown accustomed to exciting offense. But is it the OC’s fault or a change in vision?

You too can have Air Force Space Force gear

After two tough seasons, Nevada volleyball surges into Mountain West play with momentum

Being healthy for a change has brightened the hopes of their chances in conference play for the Wolf Pack. That alone makes the team happy and hopeful.

Speaking of tough, listen to an inspirational comeback

On the horizon:

  • Later today: Stats Corner
  • Later today: Mountain West previews, starting with San Diego State
  • Coming Friday: Mountain West Fan Guide Week 4
  • Coming Friday: Reacts Results (Week 4)
  • Coming Friday: More previews!
  • Coming Friday: This Week in the Mountain West