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Mountaintop View 9-21-22. Rankings, Aggie’s recharge, Wolf Pack QBs, XC POTW, Mental Health

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Connecticut v Utah State Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

We are right about at the halfway point between the games that were played and the games that are about to be played. To get there a bit quicker, take a look at today’s links plus the content coming your way on our site.

The Athletic Rankings.

No, there are no Mountain West teams in the top 25 this week. There likely won’t be for awhile, if at all. But this poll is included to illustrate how disappointing the conference has been this season. Fresno State is the top MWC team, checking in at #49. Wyoming, Air Force, and Boise State are at 62, 63, and 65 respectively. Four other teams rank 91-100, and the bottom 4 range from 114-131. Woof.

Aggies make the most of the bye week.

Last year, Utah State lost two games in a row, had a bye week, beat UNLV and carried that momentum straight to the Mountain West championship. The Aggies are hoping to repeat those fortunate now that they are in the same scenario. The bye week has been productive for them. not just with practice reps but also growing in leadership and accountability according to Coach Anderson. Anderson also discussed the state of the quarterback position.

QB Cox back in action for Wolf Pack

Nate Cox only played one snap last week against Iowa and due to an undisclosed injury, he was not able to throw the ball. However, he is back this week as a full participant and ready to do his best to make an impact on the field for the Wolf Pack. However, Coach Wilson would not name a starting QB, instead preferring to see how the week of practice goes and likely trying to make Air Force prepare for either player. The passing game has been a disappointment this season.

XC Athletes of the Week

Mental Health Matters.

On the horizon:

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