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Reacts Results Week 1: Mountain West wins, P5 upsets, big games, and more.

NCAA Football: Boise State at San Diego State Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You voted and here are the results!!! Check it out before the games start.

The MWC will have an average week this week.

Winning just under (5) or just over (6) half of their games isn’t bad. However, remember they play 3 FCS teams so there isn’t much hope in the G5 games. As for the P5 games...

Some upsets are coming.

One would assume the two are not Michigan and Alabama. But anything is possible. However, it likely means people are confident in the Mountain West’s ability to continue to fare well against the PAC.

The biggest game of the week.

It’s surprising that the SDSU game didn’t get close to the same amount of votes that the Boise State game did. The Aztecs have a great record against PAC schools in recent years.

Your thoughts on the Mountain West conference champ.

This comes off as a bit of a surprise. Fresno State is the clear favorite among the “experts”. A lack of love for Air Force is interesting. Other probably means Utah State for most of the votes.