Do you want to follow someone on Instagram without having your account? Most of us want to follow our favorite celebrities on Instagram but don't want to deal with the hassle of account creation or authorization. These many system authorizations and registrations are a time and energy drain. Not only famous stars, but you would also probably like to keep yourself updated regarding what’s new in the town, or what is going on in your competing businesses. In all those cases you probably don’t want to be visible to the Instagram account user.

Moreover, it's interesting to realize that your genuine followers may number far more than that! You are correct; several new websites and programs now allow you to follow Instagram public account owners anonymously.

To end your dying curiosity to know the solution to all those Instagram problems, InstaNavigation is a story viewer that aids you in anonymous Instagram scrolling.


InstaNavigation, that combines Instagram and Navigation in a smartest possible way, is an Instagram story viewer that allows anyone to see and visit Instagram accounts anonymously, and no one will know that certain XYZ made a special visit to your story. Thus, minimizing the barriers between you and the person you secretly adore.

InstaNavigation gives access to search for a certain Instagram user account and watch all of the stuff you want to see privately. No untrustworthy system permissions, bank account information, time-consuming registrations, or lengthy procedures are required.

It intends to expand its free services to include seeing stories from private accounts as well as downloading any content, including articles, broadcasts, posts, videos, and images. We also aim to enable watching Instagram stories that expire after 24 hours.


It assists you in monitoring and viewing any Instagram story, as well as providing a simple download option so that you do not miss any critical updates from your targeted individual from Instagram.

The service is completely free; no payments, credit card information, or cash are required, the feature that distinguishes us! Anonymity is guaranteed; your identity will not be divulged. You can browse news, posts, likes and comments, IGTVs, and videos without ever drawing the user's notice.

Simple download- we provide the option of storing your favorite stories in the same high quality on your laptop or phone gallery for future use and we encourage you to only download stories for educational purposes.

No account registrations are required to watch any Instagram story, post, likes, or comments. You do not need to register into any system, download superfluous files, or install any app to view any Instagram story, post, like, or application.


Some lengthy projects are currently being constructed. While we appreciate your ongoing support and effort, we are working hard to make our new features available for usage as soon as possible. Don't skip any chance to see into the future. We are excited to share the following planned initiatives with you:

InstaNavigation will also allow to observe restricted or prohibited accounts.

News, posts, IGTV, and videos may also be downloaded.

We will soon be able to assist you in gaining access to accounts that have been closed or even blocked.

Additionally, our team is working on a feature that will allow access to content from private accounts.

Many more unique and novel features are being created and awaiting for approval from audience.


User privacy is important to us. We appreciate and maintain your concealed identity. We gather private information and data, but keep it confidential and hidden from third parties, but may use your information for a variety of purposes, including:

1. Providing, monitoring, and managing our service, making it better than always!

2. Setting your registered account as a user of this service to make further capabilities available and accessible

3. For the creation, implementation, and performance of the purchase contract for the items or services you may have purchased.

4. To contact you for updates or informational talks about functionality, services, or contracts, including updates.

5. To send you alerts, special deals, and general information about upcoming events. If you wish to disable such notifications and news, you may easily opt out.

6. Attending to and managing your demands.

7. In the event of a business transfer, we may use your data to assess part or all of our assets.

All of the personal data and information will be saved only if user provide your permission. This assists us in instilling confidence and trust in our consumers. All of your privacy-related concerns can be handled on our website or by email.


If you have any questions or concerns about our tools or how to employ them, We would be delighted to hear about it and gain your feedback on our services. Do not hesitate to contact us and test your first anonymous Instagram story viewing, which is completely free of charge exclusively at InstaNavigation.