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Mountaintop View 8-8-22. Reimagining college football, Aggies defense, Cowboys offense, Wolf Pack injuries, new coaches.

Houston Baptist v New Mexico Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

It’s Monday and we are back at it! Fall camp is up and running for every team and updates are coming daily. As always, coverage is coming your way today in the form of the latest news around the internet and original content later today and all of this week.

Reimagining the CFB season.

ESPN brings a peak pre-season article, turning the college football calendar on its head. It begins with moving bowl games to the start of the year to keep players from opting out and having big week 1 matchups. No more FCS games (because they move to the spring) and an extra bye week for recovery. A bracket buster weekend for G5 teams to play one another in attempt to beef up their resumes for a 12-team playoff. Plus, different recruiting and transfer windows. Lots of interesting ideas here.

Defense dominates Aggies scrimmage.

Utah State had a scrimmage this weekend, and they stepped up to Coach Anderson’s challenge after he told them they were playing too soft. USU’s front seven was all over the backfield and shut down the offense for much of the day, and they hope that is a preview of good things to come this season. However, much of the first-team offense were on limited reps during the scrimmage.

Can Wyoming’s offense get off the ground?

The Cowboys have struggled on offense for years. Last year, fans got excited about a new OC, but the new version looked a lot like the old one; a strong running game, close to a non-existent passing game, and struggling to score points. They think reducing costly errors and penalties will result in beating themselves less and keep them closer in games. A lot will also rest of new QB Andrew Peasley to keep defenses honest. Time will tell.

Two key Wolf Pack players to miss significant time.

The injury bug spares no one. In fact, it often seems to get players or teams while they are down. That is the case here for Nevada. Coach Wilson told the media last week that OL Aaron Frost and safety JoJuan Claiborne will both miss significant time this season. Neither player left this offseason when so many others did. Frost also could’ve pursued the NFL and was expected to anchor the o-line. Claiborne is the returning leading tackler after a breakout year last season. Frost’s injury occurred last week at practice and was non-contact, while Claiborne’s was during summer workouts. Wilson is hopeful both can still play at some point this season.

New Coaches

On the horizon:

  • Later today: A new MWC Recruiting Roundup with the latest news, offers, and commitments.
  • Later today: Nevada Season Preview
  • Coming Tuesday: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Media Days/Preseason Awards
  • Coming Tuesday: SDSU Season Preview
  • Coming Wednesday: Peak Perspective: Ranking the 2022 Offenses in the Mountain West