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I’ve got San Diego State?

Why I write and what I do

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 15 Hula Bowl All-Star Football Classic Photo by Peter Joneleit/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ok, so I’m new to online sports writing. I saw a message asking for someone who could be passionate writing about the San Diego State Aztecs. Being recently retired (former high school teacher and business executive) and living in Texas, I spend my days golfing and reading sports stories and the latest mysteries. My wife provided encouragement to explore additional options. I thought this would be an entertaining venture into sports, which I’ve enjoyed all my life. My degree was in journalism and, I’ve found my way back to this. In fourth grade, I was our class's sports reporter, giving updates on the Padres and Chargers. Later I played football in high school and love coaching and playing coach. My career was in newspapers and online verticals. After a long career, I was ready to retire, but not really. I went back to school for my Masters degree and began teaching social studies and history at our local high school. I was also coaching football. Exciting and wonderfully rewarding. Then Covid hit and changed plans. We relocated to Texas and now I’m doing remote writing. While I’m reporting on San Diego State, I’m also a die-hard San Jose State Spartan fan. Going to college at SJSU helped me to build interest in college football. I will try to control any unnecessary excitement. My efforts will be to avoid too much bias, but still, I have that little hope that SJSU will outperform some of my expectations. Lately, I’ve been reading every article online and magazine I can find about Aztec football and am happy to share many key stats and tidbits. Much is happening around the SDSU campus and Snapdragon Stadium. It’s an exciting time. I hope my readers enjoy my insights, humor, and attempts to enlighten and entertain through my writing, thoughts and opinions. Thanks to Mike and the team for the chance to be a part of this writing group, although I think both myself and Steve, who writes for Air Force, skew the average age to astronomical heights. Let’s get the season rolling. The Mountain West has tremendous opportunities this year.