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Mountaintop View 8-24-22. Paying players, rule changes, QB battles, RB impresses, Watchlist.

Houston Baptist v New Mexico Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

We are just a few days away from actual football games. The start of the college football season is almost upon us. Regardless, the content isn’t stopping on our site! Enjoy what we have for you today from around the conference and the college sports world in general.

Pay for Play coming? Hold on.

Matt Brown offers his thoughts on paying college athletes and concludes with “eventually.” He thinks the courts would probably step in at some point but no time soon. He discusses unions and thinks they would initially have a hard time sticking together or identifying common issues (plus the amount of turnover with graduates). And although a conference could just decide to pay players, it doesn’t seem like conference presidents are really pushing for that to happen, although they don’t take a hard stance when talking. Also, he brings up how paying players would cause schools and athletic departments to have to spend money more effectively (meaning not going overboard with coaching pools and recruiting budgets).

Rule change rundown.

Football Scoop recaps the rule changes going into effect for college football this season. Among them are: prohibiting blocks below the waist outside the tackle box, expanding review on targeting calls after the game, which could result in reversing ejections, and attempting to cut down on players faking injuries. Also, marking QBs down when they begin the motion towards sliding, an automatic first down for defensive holding, and illegal touching now including a loss of a down.

Fall camp concludes but QB battle remains for the Rebels.

According to Coach Arroyo, the public won’t know who the UNLV starting quarterback is until vaguely “before kickoff.” Although mum remains the word, it seems like the battle is down to two people, Doug Brumfield and Harrison Bailey. They have both responded well to challenges so far and now are having more thrown at them to prepare and see what can produce some separation.

RB Jones eclipses New Mexico QB competition.

While everyone viewing the scrimmage expecting to hone in on the quarterback competition, they left with their eyes opened from running back Nate Jones. After a promising true freshman campaign, Jones returned to the team and used his redshirt while sitting out. He is now back in action and poised to not only be the starting running back, but also to be a focal point of the offense. The RB room figures to be one of the deepest on the team, which bodes well as the Lobos will employ a strong rushing attack.


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