Trey McBride at the Arizona Cardinals: What Can We Expect from the Rookie?

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A Dream Come True

Playing at the pinnacle of football in the NFL is a dream for many, but the truth is that few manage to achieve it. The competition in this sport is fierce, and the demands on those who earn the trust of the teams are not for everyone. Then again, being picked to defend your favorite team's colours is a feeling that can hardly be compared to anything.

However, the responsibility that comes with it is immense. It is a calling that requires every ounce of your being. And if you are serious about pursuing it, you must be prepared to put in the work. The journey won’t be easy, but if you have what it takes, you can achieve it.

That's exactly what tight end Trey McBride experienced when he was selected by the Arizona Cardinals this past Draft Day in May. After the event, McBride shared that it was a dream come true for him. And how did it all unfold?

The Cardinals traded their first-round pick to the Baltimore Ravens, so they could select Trey. Arizona is not unfamiliar territory for him, as the tight end played there in the pre-draft period. The player seemed incredibly happy with the turn of events and the confidence voted for him.

In his new career move, Trey McBride will play along Zach Ertz and Maxx Williams, both of whom could be immensely useful in sharing their experience in the league. The player himself also shared that his main goal is to get on the field, regardless of which part of the lineup he ends up in—on special teams or as the main blocker.

Trey McBride So Far

McBride has been more than steady on his path to professional football thus far. He had over 160 receptions and over 2,000 receiving yards at college level. In addition, the player shared in a press conference after the draft that he likes to play as a blocker as well.

As for his experienced teammates, Ertz has already announced his intention to guide his new teammate on the path to big-time football. After the two held their first practice together in late May, Ertz praised McBride's talent and expressed his willingness to help anyone who sought his advice.

What Ertz has advised his teammate is to play fast and make mistakes quickly; in a slow play, errors become more visible, and people will start to question the player’s skills.

Big Expectations For The Rookie

McBride himself is aware of the responsibility he is taking on and is ready to do his best to prove himself to the team and his supporters. So what can we expect from Trey now that he's living his dream of being a part of the Cardinals?

It doesn't take much to see that this player’s most valuable quality is the versatility of his skills. This is exactly what Steve Keim, general manager of the Cardinals. Keim stated his impressions after the draft of McBride as a player who can do anything.

It would be a huge advantage for Arizona to have an agile and skilled player who can do equally well as a tight end receiver and blocker. Trey is developing into a well-rounded player for his experience, and with just entering the academy of pro football his career could quickly get to the next level.

McBride is steady on the field while also showing good field vision to find opportunities between opposing lines. His ball-handling skills are also decent, though he’s not a lightning-fast runner. His skills as a tight end receiver will be a welcomed addition to Arizona, as McBride is currently showing good pass-catching discipline even in stickier situations.