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Meet the Team and See the Schedule (2022)

With the season starting this week, we are looking forward to bringing another year of Mountain West Conference coverage to you. We will ease into our in-season football coverage this week and add to it over the next week or two. This post will give you a look at what our football season schedule will look like this year as well as the writers who will be providing the coverage. Check it out below.

The Schedule


  • Mountaintop View
  • Players of the Week
  • Recruiting Roundup
  • Power Rankings
  • Game Recaps


  • Mountaintop View
  • The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  • Weekly Reacts Questions
  • A Basketball Article (starting mid-fall)


  • Mountaintop View
  • Peak Perspective
  • Bowl Projections


  • Mountaintop View
  • Stats Corner
  • A weekly betting post
  • Game Previews


  • Mountaintop View
  • Reacts Results
  • Fan Guide
  • This W
  • More Game Previews


  • Game Threads


  • Game Recaps
  • In the Rankings (when applicable)

The Team

Be sure to follow them on Twitter for more insight and thoughts during the week.


  • @Mike_SBN
  • You’ll be seeing him with the weekly Recruiting Roundups, weekly Power Rankings, a few Mountaintop Views, the Game Threads, and some Peak Perspective columns.


  • @ZachBallard1984
  • Zach will be doing his featured Tuesday column The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, plus the POTW post, In the Rankings, and Fan Guides.


  • @AlexWright1028
  • Alex will continue to provide MBB coverage for us. You’ll see more of his work come November but in the fall, look for a weekly basketball-related post.

Steve (NittanyFalcon)

  • @FalconNittany
  • NittanyFalcon is the source of the best Air Force insight around and we are fortunate enough that he writes for our site.


  • @AidenPetterson
  • Aiden takes on the Boise State updates after joining us last spring.


  • @lootmoss
  • Lute has stepped into the Colorado State role and has done a solid job with football and basketball posts.


  • @FSUBone1
  • Matt takes care of the Fresno State beat on our site.


  • @JeremyKawika
  • Jeremy handles all things Hawaii, plus a Mountaintop View and a few other odds and ends are the year goes on.


  • @mph_824_
  • This Matt keeps the Nevada news coming early and often.


  • @adam_evarts19
  • Adam will keep on providing coverage for New Mexico.


  • @Jeffrey93039554 (not a spam bot, I promise)
  • We brought Jeff out of retirement to take a shot at covering San Diego State for us.


  • @VicD_SJ
  • Vic continues with the San Jose State mantle and you will likely see him handling a Peak Perspective or two.


  • @jos__fagundes
  • Jos joined the team during basketball season writing about UNLV and will be handling his first year of football.


  • @Graham_Gibson56
  • Graham will cover Utah State for another year.


  • @willieb177
  • Willie is back again to cover Wyoming.


  • @RudySPNo
  • He is still handling some of our Mountaintop View posts each week, including his polls, and may mix in some other coverage as the year goes on.


  • @alwaysgo4thewin
  • Toby will be back this season with his Stats Corner articles.


  • @RealTylerRiggs
  • Tyler joins the team and will be providing insight on betting odds for games each week.


  • @Ethan61564492 (not a spam bot, I promise)
  • Ethan is our intern for the fall semester. He will be running out site account (@MWCConnection) and providing an article each week recapping the major news in the MWC.

And be sure to enjoy the season with us. It is certain to be a fun ride.