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Reacts Results: Preseason

Who will win the MWC? How many bowl teams and 10 win teams? Will a Mountain West team reach the NY6?

NCAA Football: Fresno State at San Diego State Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You voted and here are the results!!!

A Mountain West team in the NY6 bowl?

Most of you think yes. Keep in mind that hasn’t happened since the 2014 season.

Who will win the Mountain West?

The Bulldogs are the clear favorite and for good reason. Many seem to be expecting a Boise State bounce back. And where is the love for Air Force? They are a very good team! Also, not much confidence in the Aggies’ repeating this year.

Bowl Teams

No one seems hopeful the conference will maintain the 8 bowl teams they had last year. Six is a bit disappointing, but the results were pretty even for the top 3.

10 Win Teams.

Two ten-win teams seem like a safe bet. However, nearly the same amount of people voted for three, which seems realistic as well. One would be atrocious and four is a long shot (but possible).