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MWCConnection Roundtable: Which team will have the best offense this season?

Let’s hear from the team.

NCAA Football: Mountain West Championship-Hawaii at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Fall camp is here. The season is getting closer every day. The Roundtable is close to wrapping up but there are still a few more remaining questions before the season starts. This week the question is: which team will have the best offense in the 2022 season?

Jeff: I’m reviewing some of the anticipated performances for the teams in regards their offensive outlook. Half the teams look to be anemic, (UNLV, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming). Others are in the doctors waiting room( Colorado State, San Jose State, San Diego State, Utah State) and the remainder are the ones that can take off ( Air Force, Boise State and Fresno State). The Falcons will be ground superiority with their triple option. Boise State will rely upon veterans and big play makers to bomb their opponents, but it’s Fresno State that is set to blitz their opposition with both the rush and through the air. I expect the Bulldogs to be dominant and execute with swift precision. The only thing that can stop them is a firm dominant defense like San Diego State. This is going to be one Bulldog team that is tenacious and doesn’t let go. Fresno State with the offensive vote.

Mike: Air Force will be good, CSU will be interesting, but I’m going with the Fresno State. The 2022 version of the Bulldog’s offense will feature the league’s best quarterback and best wide receiver. They will pair a deep, wide receiver room with some productive running backs and a few intriguing tight ends. And their offensive line should be up to the challenge to ensure all the skill players can shine. Fresno State’s offense should be a sight to see this year.

Matt: Is there any expected answer besides Fresno State? They bring back a 4,000yd passer, an insanely deep WR corps, a dynamic backfield led by Jordan Mims, and Jeff Tedford back in charge. Also, Tre Watson is back as a sophomore ready to take the reigns at TE. Jake Haener is the first Fresno St player not named Carr to cross 4,000yds, and he might also be the first to hit 5,000yds if his play takes the next step. I’m sure that Air Force will be plenty potent on the ground, but it’s really Fresno St, and then everyone else when it comes to offensive predictions.

Zach: Fresno State is the obvious answer. They have the best quarterback in the conference, the best wide receiver corps, and a talented stable of running backs. They should be pushing 40 ppg. Colorado State is a solid sleeper pick, San Jose State and Boise State should be improved. But the Bulldogs are the choice.

NittanyFalcon: There’s always one guy who ruins a consensus, isn’t there? I know I’m going to sound like a homer, but I honestly think Air Force will wear the crown of best offense this year. I know everyone thinks of offense as big long pass plays, open field running backs that put defenses on the ground with incredible moves and lots of points on the scoreboard. That’s definitely part of the game, but analytics tells us that there is much more to sustaining an offense that wins games over time than those factors. Did you know that the Falcons had more rushing yards than Fresno State had passing yards last year? Did you know that the Falcons had the fewest turnovers lost last year in the MW? Did you know Haaziq Daniels had the highest pass efficiency rating in the MW last year? Did you know Air Force had the highest 3rd and 4th down conversion percentage in the MW last year? You probably do know that the Falcons had the highest time of possession in college football last year. Given that most of the critical pieces of the offense are back this year with an additional year of experience, there is no reason for any of this to change.