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Mountaintop View 7-8-22

Is the fan losing in realignment?, other football news, former Bulldog having career year, Schoffield Redux, saying goodbye to Cowboy legendary announcer

NCAA Football: Fresno State at UCLA

With the current chaos of college football conference realignment and the probability of more, we include a couple of links that speak to simpler times and the fan identification towards long-time broadcast voices of the game. Enjoy all the links/content!

College football never stops changing; will fans continue to follow?

Ivan Maisel takes a 30,000 foot view of college realignment (current and possibly in near future) and touches on other areas of concern other than television money.

Every college football fan should be rooting for the Pac-12’s survival

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports waxes nostalgically for the diehard college football fan who loves the whole of college football and not just the super conferences.

Just a primer to get the football juices going

Both teams are touted as two of the favorites in MW this year. Will it be a MW Championship Game preview?

Kaiser Permanente Named Founding Partner at Snapdragon Stadium

The five-year agreement with San Diego State gives Kaiser naming rights to Thrive Park, a year round area of reinforced grass fields.

Former Fresno State Bulldog having career year....

More preseason love for Bronco Safety...

Bronco Champion takes us back


As Dave Walsh retires after 38 years of broadcasting Wyoming football and basketball, 7220sports shares personal thoughts on growing up listening to the long-time voices of the game and their impact on the fan.

On The Horizon:

Later Today: MWCConnection Roundtable: Will realignment news impact the Mountain West?

Later Today: Friday Night Lights Review S2E9