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Peak Perspective: 2022 Transfer Portal Winners and Losers

We examine the players added and lost for each team.

Love it or hate it, the transfer portal is alive and active in the college sports world, especially for football. This year, May 31 marked the deadline for when a player can enter the portal and still be eligible to play in the upcoming season. However, players are still joining new schools, so the start of July seems like a good time to review the additions and attrition for every Mountain West team. All 12 teams are categorized into transfer portal winners or losers, although those terms don’t tell the entire story. The higher the ranking, the more a team won or lost. The lower the ranking, the less of an impact the transfers appear to have.

Note: This post looks solely at how a team did in regards to the transfer portal, regardless of the related factors. For example, teams that focused more on traditional recruiting may have put together a strong recruiting class and not fared well in the transfer portal because it wasn’t a focus.

Also, all numbers are accurate as of 7-4-22

Because not every team recruits transfers the same way, it’s not worth comparing teams to one another as we would for traditional high school recruiting (and even that has its flaws). Instead, it seems beneficial to describe what every team’s purpose appears to be when it comes to adding players in the transfer portal. This is what my observations are:

Teams that used the transfer portal more or as much as high school recruiting: Colorado State, Utah State

Teams that used the transfer portal as their primary recruiting avenue out of necessity: Hawaii, Nevada

Teams that used the transfer portal in an attempt to land big-impact players: Fresno State, San Diego State, UNLV

Teams that used the transfer portal to fill specific needs: Boise State, New Mexico, San Jose State, Wyoming

Teams that cannot use the transfer portal: Air Force

Air Force

Number of Additions: 0

Notable Additions: None

Number of Losses: 21

Notable Losses: DB Dru Polidore, RB Marceese Yetts, DB TJ Urban, TE Troy de la Vega, WR Micah Wilson

It’s hard to say the Falcons really lost much of anything in the transfer portal this year. However, they are two reasons they get marked down. First and foremost, they did not have any additions, so they are at a net loss due to that, even though they more than make up for the losses in recruiting every year. Secondly, some of their losses were from highly rated recruits from their 2021 class. While it may not end up a concern (and Falcons fans know this as well as anyone), it is still noteworthy.

Bottom Line: Losers, but it is because they can’t add transfers.

Boise State

Number of Additions: 4

Notable Additions: OL Cade Beresford, EDGE George Tarlas

Number of Losses: 9

Notable Losses: QB Jack Sears, RB Andrew Van Buren, DB Semaj Verner

Boise State did not make the big splashes like some of their other conference-mates, but they identified their most significant needs and found quality players to fill those needs. They made a big step towards solidifying their offensive line and also added talent and depth to their pass-rush, which struggled last year. They lost a few rotational players or other backups to the portal this year, but none are devastating losses. While their losses were backups, their additions are likely starters or key players, so they come out a bit ahead when all is said and done.

Bottom Line: Slight Winners

Colorado State

Number of Additions: 15

Notable Additions: QB Clay Millen, RB Avery Morrow, WR Melquan Stovall, WR Tory Horton, OL Jacob Gardner, DB Chigozie Ausiem

Number of Losses: 27

Notable Losses: RB Marcus McElroy, QB Todd Centeio, DB Rashad Ajayi, TE Kyle Helbig

Colorado State has basically become Nevada 2.0 as both coaches, and core players have come over in the offseason. In the past, a new staff needed a year or two for their players to come in, but in the instant transfer era, they were able to bring players that fit the system who can be plugged in immediately. Credit to Coach Norvell and his staff, there was an intentional plan, and they executed it well. If nothing else, their offense should be lots of fun to watch, but Novell teams have always lacked a defense that can hold its own.

Bottom Line: Big winners

Fresno State

Number of Additions: 13

Notable Additions: EDGE Andres Fox, WR Nikko Keli’i Remigio, DB Cameron Lockridge, TE Velltray Jefferson, LB Raymond Scott, DE Joshua Pakola, OL Jacob Isaia

Number of Losses: 16

Notable Losses: CB Wylan Free, RB Jordan Hornbeak, DL Julius Lewis, WR Rodney Wright III, LB Malik Brooks

Once again, Fresno State does a lot of fantastic work in the transfer portal. They have become a new home for many former top recruits and players from Power 5 programs. This should solidify their depth and plug any holes the team may have had in their attempt to win the conference in 2022. On the other side of the equation, they had a few significant transfers, either those who played a role on last year’s team or some of their more highly-ranked recruits. All are key losses as current, and future talent has taken a hit, but the good outweighs the bad in this case.

Bottom Line: Slight Winners


Number of Additions: 18

Notable Additions: QB Cammon Cooper, LB Wynden Ho’ohuli, DB Jojo Forest, DL Matalo Soli, QB Joey Yellen

Number of Losses: 21

Notable Losses: DB Donovan Dalton, RB Dae Dae Hunter, QB Chevan Cordeiro, WR Nick Mardner, LB Darius Muasau, DL Justus Tavai, DL Jonah La’ulu, DB Khoury Bethley

Hawaii was absolutely ransacked by the transfer portal this off-season. Nearly every productive player from last year’s squad is no longer with the team. And many of them found homes in Power 5 or other top programs. They, of course, had to do all they could to balance it out by bringing in transfers themselves, but the balance was not accomplished. The Rainbow Warriors are now almost entirely a new team following all the transfers, and not for the better. They did all they could by bringing in new players, and a few should make an impact, but it won’t be enough on its own.

Bottom Line: Big Losers


Number of Additions: 15

Notable Additions: OL Joey Capra, QB Shane Illingworth, DB Darion Green-Warren, WR BJ Casteel

Number of Losses: 20

Notable Losses: OL Trevyn Heil, WR Elijah Cooks, LB Daiyan Henley, DT Teivis Tuioti, WR Melquan Stovall, QB Clay Millen, WR Tory Horton, RB Avery Morrow, DB Jordan Lee

Nevada lost the bulk of its production from last season, either to the NFL or the transfer portal. In what is the first of what could become the norm, the vast majority of the transfers all followed their coach to his new school to continue playing for him there. They were absolutely gutted and are now attempting to rebuild on the fly under new coach Ken Wilson. And some of the incoming transfers will play right away in meaningful roles. But it is not enough to make up for everything they lost, and it seems like this will be a multi-year process for the Wolf Pack.

Bottom Line: Big Losers

New Mexico

Number of Additions: 9

Notable Additions: QB Miles Kendrick, DE Tyler Kiehne, WR Geordon Porter

Number of Losses: 16

Notable Losses: OL Cade Briggs, OL Jack Buford, RB Aaron Dumas, RB Bobby Cole

The Lobos are an example of good players on bad teams choosing to go and utilize their talents on better teams. It is challenging to build a program when the best players keep leaving, and there isn’t an obvious way to break the cycle. They brought in some players with the potential to make a big impact, particularly at quarterback. Even while this is true, on paper, their losses seem like too much to overcome. Due to this, they fall into the loser category for this cycle.

Bottom Line: Losers

San Diego State

Number of Additions: 6

Notable Additions: QB Braxton Burmeister, TE Mark Redman, LB Cooper McDonald, OL Cade Bennett, DL Justus Tavai, RB Kenan Christon

Number of Losses: 14

Notable Losses: OL Chris Martinez, OL Joey Capra, WR BJ Busbee, QB Jordon Brookshire

Last year, San Diego State only dabbled in the transfer market. This year, they made more of a concentrated effort and added several talented players as a result. For a team that lost quite a few players to the NFL as well as those who transferred, it made sense to make good use of the portal. The potential of the players coming in appears to be greater than those who transferred out, so they are looking at a net positive. And if these players can make an impact right away, the Aztecs could make another championship game appearance.

Bottom Line: Winners

San Jose State

Number of Additions: 7

Notable Additions: QB Chevan Cordeiro, WR Elijah Cooks, OL James McNorton, OL Marist Talavou

Number of Losses: 14

Notable Losses: DL Sinjun Astani, WR Isaiah Holliness, RB Charlie Bostic, DB Stan Livingstone

San Jose State was also more active in the transfer portal this off-season compared to the one prior, as they clearly focused on retooling in attempts to regain their 2020 form. Ultimately, the success of these incoming transfers will likely make or break the team, particularly on the offensive side of the ball. They had some losses but nothing too substantial, at least not for the immediate future. Losing some key recruits isn’t great, but ultimately they added more talent than they lost this year.

Bottom Line: Winners


Number of Additions: 18

Notable Additions: LB Jordan Eubanks, RB Aidan Robbins, QB Harrison Bailey, LB Elijah Shelton, WR Ricky White III, DB Jordyn Morgan, DB Lacarea Pleasant-Johnson

Number of Losses: 25

Notable Losses: LB Jacoby Windmon, DB Kamren Blanton, DB Jaylen Lane, WR Aaron Holloway

Under Coach Arroyo (and even before), the Rebels were always one of the Mountain West teams who actively used the transfer portal. This year was no different in terms of additions, as they secured another round of talented players who can hopefully cover some gaps on the depth chart. However, this year was different because they also began to lose a higher quality of players. Looking over the names on this list, some of them were a few of the playmakers the Rebels had this year and will be critical losses. Others were big-time recruits they were able to land over the past two years and did not yet see the field. Overall, both the number of players leaving and the quality of those players seemed much great than what they are bringing in.

Bottom Line: Losers

Utah State

Number of Additions: 10

Notable Additions: MJ Tafisi, QB Levi Williams, WR Xavier Williams, DE Daniel Grzesiak, WR Brian Cobbs, LB Cole Joyce

Number of Losses: 22

Notable Losses: QB Andrew Peasley, RB Elelyon Noa, RB Enoch Nawahine, WR Cam Lampkin, LB Elijah Shelton

The Aggies are no stranger to being active in the transfer portal, winning the Mountain West primarily because of how successfully they added players from the portal. This year was more of the same, landing several former big-time recruits who left Power 5 programs in hopes of more playing times. The Aggies are in a position to give it to them after losing some key players from last year’s squad. Looking at the losses and there are many familiar names, including those who played key roles as valuable reserves or part-time starters in the 2021 season. While they don’t have as many players as some of their MWC counterparts, their losses do take away from some of their gains.

Bottom Line: Neutral


Number of Additions: 8

Notable Additions: LB Cole DeMarzo, QB Andrew Peasley, DB Jakorey Hawkins

Number of Losses: 16

Notable Losses: DB Rome Weber, QB Levi Williams, WR Isaiah Neyor, QB Sean Chambers, CB Azizi Hearn, CB C.J Coldon, RB Xazavian Valladay, LB Jaylen Pate, DE Solomon Byrd

Wyoming was another team that suffered a mass exodus over the winter. Nearly every one of their core players left the team, some due to eligibility but the majority due to deciding to transfer. Credit to Coach Bohl; he hit the transfer portal this year and brought in some intriguing players who are slated to play. However, even in the best-case scenario, they are still at a net loss in both the number of players and the quality of talent. Things did not go well this offseason in Laramie.

Bottom Line: Big Losers