Make it do, or do without

So, the Big Money Universities want the exclusive rights to televised sports and claim the major markets. They also are forming formidable super conferences, half stepping in 2024 at 16 power teams while preparing to eventually adjust between 20 or 24 teams by the year 2030.

Those of us who live west of the Rocky Mountains may hope and pray one of those Super Conferences will notice our talented student athletes and their pay attention to athletic and scholastic achievements. Sadly, the football giants prefer a new stadium and a popular destination over competitive team sports.

We, the westerners, need to fix our sights on repairing our ‘designed-to-fail’ current athletic functions. We need to create our special brand of competition including all schools that excel in football, basketball, track/field, and Olympic sports. I am talking about a Mega Conference of 30 selected teams.

This Mega Conference will have one new commissioner, who will delegate to three (3) assistant commissioners. The top 24 prospective teams will be divided into 4 equal sub-groups consisting of 5 football ready schools and one basketball strength team. Two of the assistant commissioners will each direct and assist 12 teams.

This Mega Conference will be unique as it will include 6 farm teams, under the direction of the third assistant commissioner. The purpose of the farm teams will be as a training outpost. Not just for the student athletes, but also as a career starter for new sports assistants, new coaches. New conference rules will encourage teams to shop for replacements from within the conference.

Sure, this sounds crazy, I admit that. But it will take a leadership group that has vision. I believe there are five strong coaches whose insight can make this work and succeed… Chris Petersen, Chris Ault, Troy Calhoun, Brady Hoke and Craig Bohl. I have no recommendations concerning the current director of the Mountain west conference.

Lastly, the 4 sub-group structure is devised to support our special brand of western competition. Every two years there will be a rotation within the sub-groups. Any team that loses eligibility-academic or scholastic-can be substituted out by a farm team. This Mega Conference can be self-sustaining, but it sure would be nice if 30 of those left-out-in-the-cold "eastern" schools were to develop at our same pace. We could have our own championship tournament.

During the Great Depression, most of society had to make do with what they had. Today’s power teams have bought out the student activities, leaving the rest of us to: use it up, wear it out-make it do or do without.