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MWC Recruiting Roundup 6-6-22. June Team Recruiting Rankings.

Fresno State v Hawaii Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

It’s another week of the MWC Recruiting Roundup.

Can you tell the Evaluation Period is over the Quiet Period is upon us? The offers have slowed down, but official visits are picking up. Actually, more offers poured in this weekend after coaches had a chance to see players go through live reps at camps. Still, recruiting in the Mountain West for the class of 2023 presses on. This week, there are a few new commitments. However, it is unknown the total amount. Air Force has two confirmed verbal pledges and Hawaii appears to have three, but only one of them has publicly announced their commitment. Also, Hawaii hosted four official visitors. The Rainbow Warriors capture their first week on the banner.

Class of 2023 Cover Photo Total:

  • Nevada: 4
  • Air Force: 2
  • Boise State: 2
  • Colorado State: 2
  • San Diego State: 2
  • Hawaii: 1
  • San Jose State: 1
  • Wyoming: 1

Recruiting Calendar:

As of June 1st, we are in a quiet period. This lasts for most of the month, until June 27th.

Next College Student Athlete says:

The NCAA defines the quiet period as a time when “a college coach may not have face-to-face contact with college-bound student-athletes or their parents off the college campus and may not watch student-athletes compete or visit their high school.” To break it down, the NCAA Quiet Period is a time you can talk to college coaches in-person on their college campus. However, the coach is not allowed to watch athletes compete in-person, visit their school, talk to them at their home—or talk to them anywhere outside of the college campus. Coaches can still text, call, email or direct message coaches during this time.

Air Force Commitment Tracker:

Since the Air Force Academy regularly has by far the most commits among Mountain West recruiting classes, it’s kind of fun to track them over the course of the year.

Number of Falcon verbal commits: 8

Recruiting Camps:

If anyone has info on other teams, please share

Colorado State: June 9, 12, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, July 30

Fresno State: June 1, 11, 18, 25

Nevada: June 15/16

New Mexico: June 9, 10, 11, 15

SDSU: June 11, 12, 17, 18, 19

SJSU: June 10, 11, 25

UNLV: June 18, 25

Utah State: June 3, 6, 13

Wyoming: June 10 and 25

Visit Recap

Commitment Spotlight

DE Aiden Herring (Air Force)

“As far as why I chose to commit to Air Force, isn’t just one thing or another but every little thing about the program and the academy. The prestigious education and how it’ll set me up for life, the outstanding football program run by the best coaches in the business, and the chance to serve my country in the Air Force are just some of the many reasons as to why I committed to Air Force.”

WR Mason Muaau (Hawaii)

“I chose Hawaii because it’s my home. I want to rebuild the state and be a part of the program they offer. I also believe that the coaching staff is really talented and they offered me different opportunities. During the visit, the connection I had with the coaches was great and that’s another reason I chose to go to Hawaii.”

June Team Recruiting Rankings:

At this point in the year, rankings do not mean too much and they really won’t truly start to take shape until around July after the spring evaluation period, and camps can take place. However, we will continue to post monthly team rankings regardless. And here are the May rankings for those who like to compare month to month.

1) San Diego State

2) Boise State

3) Nevada

4) Fresno State

5) San Jose State

6) Air Force

7) Colorado State

8) Utah State

9) Wyoming

10) New Mexico

11) Hawaii

12) UNLV


As many of you may know by now, I like to also break lists like these down into tiers. Tiers can be helpful to provide a different angle to look at things. If one made an argument for flipping some of the spots on this list but kept them within the same tier, I wouldn’t put up much of a debate.

For now, the tiers pair pretty nicely. It’s either teams with barely anything separating them (Tiers 1, 5, 6) or two teams more or less on opposite ends of the quality vs quality debate (Tiers 2, 3, 4), which I tend to put more value in earlier in the recruiting cycle than later in the recruiting cycle.

Tier 1: San Diego State, Boise State

Tier 2: Nevada, Fresno State

Tier 3: San Jose State, Air Force

Tier 4: Colorado State, Utah State

Tier 5: Wyoming, New Mexico, Hawaii

Tier 6: UNLV

Recruiting Updates:


  • TE Cayden Dawson was offered by Boise State
  • RB Kyron Jones was offered by Colorado State
  • DB Hunter Summers was offered by Colorado State and Wyoming
  • 2024 DB Khristian Dunbar-Hawkins was offered by Colorado State
  • 2024 WR/DB Elijah Mcdowell was offered by Colorado State
  • 2024 DB Ramere Davis was offered by Colorado State
  • 2026 TE Luke Lopez was offered by Colorado State
  • DT Christian’Wilson was offered by Fresno State
  • JUCO OL Isaiah Jatta was offered by Fresno State
  • 2024 DE Kekai Burnett was offered by Freson State
  • 2025 DE Kameron Brown was offered by Fresno State
  • OL Spencer Fano was offered by Hawaii
  • OL Colin Beesley was offered by SDSU and Wyoming
  • 2024 RB/DB De Von Rice was offered by SDSU
  • WR Micah Johnson was offered by SJSU
  • OL Nathan Gates was offered by SJSU
  • 2024 OL/DL David Abajian was offered by SJSU
  • 2025 ATH Tylan Johnson was offered by SJSU
  • 2025 RB JoJo Solis was offered by SJSU
  • 2025 OL Jonah Leaupepetele was offered by SJSU
  • WR Zachary Card was offered by UNLV
  • 2025 ATH Stevie Àmar Jr. was offered by UNLV
  • WR/RB Winston Moore was offered by Wyoming
  • DL Dayln White was offered by Wyoming


  • JUCO OL Rick Moore visited Boise State
  • TE/LB Kamaehu Kopa Kaawalauole visited Hawaii
  • ATH Trech Kekahuna visited Hawaii
  • DE Julian Savaiinaea visited Hawaii
  • OL Francis Mauigoa visited Hawaii
  • WR/DB Hezekiah Anahu-Ambrosio visited Hawaii
  • RB Kainoa Carvalho visited Hawaii


  • OL/DL Evan Keefe committed to Air Force
  • DE Aiden Herring committed to Air Force
  • WR Mason Muaau committed to Hawaii
  • 2 other players appears to have committed to Hawaii, although all are unknown at this time

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