latest AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Exam Content

Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 is a foundational level of knowledge of cloud services and how those services are provided with Microsoft Azure.

What Are Cloud Concepts?

unlimited storage, databases, queues, content delivery network, batch processing jobs, big

Cloud is the ability to rent computing resources on-demand as and when the need arises. Computing resources such as virtual machines,data - Hadoop, media services, machine learning, chatbots, cognitive services, etc. You can get some previous year's question papers here Microsoft exam questions and answers

Who Can Get This Certification?

As it gives assurance to the employer about the employees' expertise in the given field. You have to appear for the examination but to pass the examination, you need to have a good understanding of all the cloud concepts, their functions, and applications.

This certificate can be acquired by candidates from non-technical backgrounds not only but candidates with a technical background who need to validate their

foundational level knowledge around cloud services can also get this certification. Click for more infohat Does It Deal With?

It helps you learn and understand security, privacy, compliance, and trust.

It helps you develop an understanding of Azure pricing and support.

It helps you develop a strong understanding of cloud concepts.

It makes you understand core Azure services.

Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 syllabus

Describe Azure cost management and Service Level Agreements (10-15%)

Describe methods for planning and managing costs

Describe Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and service lifecycles

Describe cloud concepts (25–30%)

Describe cloud computing

Describe the benefits of using cloud services

Describe cloud service types

Describe Azure management and governance (30–35%)

Describe cost management in Azure

Describe features and tools in Azure for governance and compliance

Describe features and tools for managing and deploying Azure resources

Describe monitoring tools in Azure

Describe core Azure Services (15-20%)

Describe the core Azure architectural components

Describe core resources available in Azure

Describe core solutions and management tools on Azure (10-15%)

Describe core solutions available in Azure

Describe Azure management tools

Describe cloud concepts (20-25%)

Identify the benefits and considerations of using cloud services

Describe the differences between categories of cloud services

Describe the differences between types of cloud computing

Describe identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features (15-20%)

Describe core Azure identity services

Describe Azure governance features

Describe privacy and compliance resources

Describe Azure architecture and services (35–40%)

Describe the core architectural components of Azure

Describe Azure compute and networking services

Describe Azure storage services

Describe Azure identity, access, and security

How To Prepare?

A lot of people are preparing for this exam and there are both paid and unpaid classes available. You need to make sure that the quality of content they are delivering is up to the mark. So make sure to check the reviews before you choose any one of them. Apart from that If you find it difficult to comprehend things online then you should opt for physical coaching classes. In that case you have an option to take personalized classes as well so that you can focus only on those concepts which require special guidance and the concepts in which you are not that strong. At the end of your preparation don't forget to solve some sample question papers.