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Why I Write: Jeremy Rodrigues

ISA World Junior Surfer Championship in El Salvador Photo by Alex Pena/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Editor’s note: Welcome to our series for this summer. Every Thursday from June through August, one of our writers will share a bit about the journey that brought them here. The goal is to provide a way for our readers to learn more about the people behind the keyboard as well as the steps they have taken in their careers so far.

What are some interesting notes about your personal life that you care to share?

I graduated from Boise State back in late 2013, right around the end of the Chris Petersen era and the beginning of the Harsin era. How does a Boise State grad end up writing exclusively about Hawaii football for the MWC Connection? Well, because I lived on Oahu (Mililani specifically) for the first 12 years of my life before moving to the mainland. Like many island transplants, the price tag that comes with living in Hawaii forced my family to the mainland, but I still find ways to stay connected to my roots. I might even see a handful of you at the Hawaii-Duquesne game when I visit this upcoming September.

Why do you like writing?

It’s what came naturally. I didn’t arrive at college with a specific major picked out, but throughout my first year at Boise State figured out what was in my wheelhouse and what was not. Whether it’s work, the MWCConnection, or even social media, I’m constantly writing all day.

Why do you follow college sports?

My introduction to college sports was through Hawaii football. Frankly, I wouldn’t blame anyone for wondering what the hell was wrong with me. My first few seasons following UH football in person were the 1996-1998 seasons. Rainbow Warriors fans reading this probably cringed, because what three-year stretch might’ve legitimately been the worst in Hawaii’s century plus of football. Even despite those ugly results (Hawaii was losing to football programs that no longer exist), the sights and sounds of college football hooked me at an early age.

I went to high school in North-Central Washington, and ultimately opted for a program Boise State had that targeted students in the region. I picked a good time to attend Boise State. Kellen Moore was largely fun, the height of Broncos football, while also being present for the rise of the basketball program under Leon Rice. I’ve been fortunate to experience many different college sporting events across the West Coast. College football is undoubtedly my favorite sport, and I’m glad I follow it on the Group of 5 scale. We’re a unique brand.

What led to writing for MWCConnection?

I used to write for Blue-Turf at Rivals, and was notified by Mike and Stubbs about the potential move to this blog. Thanks to my collegiate experience, I’m too emotionally invested in Boise State football, so I agreed to join but only if I can write exclusively about Hawaii football. Haven’t missed a UH game in forever. I care about UH football, but not so much that writing a recap after a loss would be a drain.

What do you like about writing for MWCConnection?

I like that we represent the voice of a college football fan largely being drowned out in modern times. I know I’m not the only fan that rolls his eyes every time the ESPN or FS1 announcers are talking about some Power 5 related topic that has nothing to do with the game in front of them. With every passing season, it seems college football becomes more playoff obsessed and the “little guy” becomes background noise. Not here at the MWC Connection, we’ll continue to offer the fan’s perspective for the Mountain West.