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Friday Night Lights Review S2E2

Bad Ideas

During the offseason, we are continuing our weekly series discussing thoughts on arguably the best football TV show ever in Friday Night Lights. If you haven’t seen it, there is no better time to start. If you have seen it, there’s no better time to rewatch it. And if you’re like me, and watch an episode or season every year in preparation for college football, you’re right on track. Regardless of which category you fit into, it’s on Hulu Netflix (and Peacock), and you can follow along each week (on a Friday, of course) as a different episode from season two will be discussed, from the opening episodes with a new coach at the helm to the sudden cliffhanger caused by the writer’s strike.

Random thoughts in live-tweet form.

  • Landry is freaking out about what he and Tyra did, calling her in the middle of the night. They drive back out to the river to look for his watch.
  • Tami, who continues to try to juggle everything, helps her temporary replacement (Glen) by giving a rundown by the students, explaining who is trying to take advantage of them.
  • Matt’s grandma buys a tiara for $2400 and Matt is worried her dementia is progressing
  • Julie continues to avoid and lie to Matt
  • Jason is regaining movement and muscle strength in his hands. However, his doctor crushes his hopes by telling him he isn’t going to walk again.
  • Matt’s grandma gets an at-home nurse. She is strict and his grandma isn’t going well with that. She shocks them both when she said she is moving in.
  • Pam and Buddy continue to fight.
  • The Swede keeps talking to Julie but sees her as more of a little sister, which annoys Julie
  • Tami walks to school in the heat to check in on Glenn and other things. She loses it in the moment, taking her emotions out on Glenn.
  • Jason confides in Tami about his dreams of walking again.
  • Landry and Tyra continue to react to things differently. She yells at him and tells him to act like a man. Landry says that’s easy for her to say because she isn’t the one who killed him. He confesses his love to her once again.
  • Matt and the nurse disagree on the best care for his grandma.
  • Julie continues to evade Tami.
  • Julie runs into the Swede at the gas station. He offers Julie a ride to the prep rally, which she is too quick to agree to.
  • Julie kisses the Swede in the car and then goes to break up with Matt. She states she has changed. Matt is upset but stands up for himself and calls her out on things. Julie opens up about everything she is feeling, at least being honest.
  • Tim does his best to encourage Lyla and support her.
  • Glenn helps Tami, driving her home from the hospital when Gracie is sick.
  • Tyra comes into Landry’s room at night. She thanks him for killing her would-be rapist and says she wishes she killed him instead of Landry because she doesn’t want anything to happen to him. They both break down, then end up kissing.

Coach Taylor’s speeches.

  • “All the talent you got and what do you use it for? Getting free stuff and letting your team down. You know what my opinion is? You don’t deserve to play the game. What do you think about that? You let your team down and you let yourself down. But then again, you don’t care, do you? You don’t care if you finish out the season. Because big ol’ Antoine, he’s got it all figured out. I’m sure he’s got a back-up plan. Who am I talking to? Who am I? Who the hell are you?”

Football observations.

  • Coach Taylor is getting called into the head coach’s office due to a player accepting a bribe and he is asked take him to court to get him to not be suspended for the entire season.
  • Coach McGregor continues to push Buddy out, moving the prep rally for the game away from Garrity Motors.
  • Coach McGregor’s offense is solely focused on Smash. He is ignoring Matt. He and Riggins continue to clash.
  • Landry is getting knocked down more than anything else but his dad is proud of him
  • Coach Taylor and his player go over his rehearsed apology. He isn’t sorry for taking the bribe.
  • Antoine gives a contrite apology at the hearing. It’s clear Coach Taylor got through to him at the diner. Also, Coach Taylor sticks up for him and confesses that he believes in him and he and the staff will help him.
  • The TMU head coach speaks to Coach Taylor, telling him Antoine is only suspended for 3 games. Coach Taylor gets praised for the help.
  • Smash is loving the attention at the prep rally. Matt is not.
  • Buddy has had too much to drink and embarrasses himself a bit at the prep really, picking a fight with the host. Riggins and Lyla help him home.

Unanswered questions.

Plot holes.

Quote of the episode.

“Cause you know what, the thing about this is I would do that again for you in a second because he hurt you and because I’m in love with you, all right. And don’t - don’t look at me like that, okay. Don’t, because you know, you’ve known forever, it’s not some big secret, all right.”

Clear eyes. Full heart. Can’t Lose. official counter: 18

Texas Forever official counter: 7

Riggins quitting the team official counter: 2

Coach Taylor calling Landry ‘Lance’ official counter: 2

Jason’s job aspirations: quad-rugby player, football coach