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Jordan Jackson Drafted by Saints

Picked in the sixth round

The New Orleans Saints picked Falcon DT Jordan Jackson with the 194th pick in the draft. The Saints were impressed by his athleticism on the defensive line. He graded out in the top 9% of all defensive tackles over the last 30 years in Relative Athletic Score. Jackson’s strengths are his agility and speed, but will need to work on his strength and bulk in order to see a lot of playing time.

Jackson is the first Falcon position player drafted since DL Bryce Fisher in 1998 and the second highest pick ever.

Additionally for the Falcons, WR Brandon Lewis has been signed as a free agent by the Tennessee Titans. Lewis is living proof that Bowl games matter. He was thrust in to the limelight by his outstanding performance against the Louisville Cardinals in the First Responder’s Bowl. He had five receptions for 172 yards and 2 TDs, leaving several defenders on the turf with ankle-bending moves. He produced well throughout the season, but his opportunities were limited by the Falcon’s spread-the-wealth system.

CB Tre Bugg has been invited to mini-camp by the Chicago Bears, and LB Lakota Wills was invited by the Saints to their mini-camp.