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Mountaintop View 4-6-22. Mailbag, MBB top 45, Falcon bowling, Robinson makes history, POTW

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UC San Diego v San Diego State Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Another day, another round of links. Enjoy what we have for you today from around the conference and the college sports world in general.

College basketball is over but the NFL draft is getting closer and closer.

The Athletic Recruiting Mailbag.

Will being a good recruiter be less important if you can sell solid NIL deals? Can NIL money tip the scales on recruiting for G5 schools? Also even with NIL money and strong recruiting pitches, relationships with coaches and players are still winning out, at least for now.

Way too early MBB Top 45.

Because minutes after basketball ended is not too early to start talking about next year. And Rothstein is still high on the Mountain West. Colorado State and San Diego State crack the top 25 at #22 and #25 respectively, although the Rams may drop if Roddy stays in the NBA draft. Also, Wyoming comes in at #32 as they return a ton of production.

247 2022 Bowl Projections.

Put 247 firmly on the Air Force bandwagon (or bandplane as the case may be). They are picking the Falcons to win the MWC and go to the LA bowl. AFA leads the way for the Mountain West teams predicted to go bowling. There is SJSU in the Potato Bowl, Boise State in the Boca Raton Bowl, SDSU in New Mexico Bowl, and Fresno State in the Arizona Bowl. Bonus: you’ll NEVER believe the teams predicted to be in the playoff games.

Robinson had a historic season.

Players of the Week

On the horizon:

  • Later today: Peak Perspective: The best part of March Madness is why CFP doesn’t want to expand.
  • Coming Thursday: Boise State Position Preview: Kickers and Punters