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Utah State Basketball 2022-2023 Roster Outlook

A Preview of what the production could look like for the 2022-2023 Utah State basketball team

NCAA Basketball: Colorado State at Utah State Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

Utah State wrapped up their 2021-2022 basketball season with a 18-16 record (8-10 in conference play) and a 83-72 loss to Oregon in the NIT Tournament.

An early look at next season shows that Utah State is going to loose some important production in Justin Bean, Brandon Horvath, and RJ Eytle-Rock. Brandon Horvath made a significant impact, especially at the end of the season. Justin Bean led the team in points with 17.4 per game, rebounds with 9.9 per game, and steals with 1.6 per game. Horvath led the team in blocks with 0.5 per game.

Junior Rylan Jones led the team in assists with 4.5 per game and should return some important production and experience for next season. In addition, Utah State should also be returning Sean Bairstow, Steven Ashworth, Max Shulga, and Trevin Dorius. With the loss of production, Dorius could be coming off the bench and stepping into a much bigger role next season. Sophomore Matthew Wickizer could step forward as well to replace some production.

While Utah State may lose some production for next season, head coach Ryan Odom looks to begin his second season with Utah State on a stronger note and returns enough production and has the coaching experience to do that.