Mountain West Football: The Top 5 Players Of 2022

Now that all of the signings have been announced and the classes have been set, it's time for a barrage of excitement and stories about your favorite team's recruiting classes. It's an exciting time of year because clubs have acquired so much talent, and coaches, players, and fans all hope that each of them will realize their full potential.

It's important to remember that this isn't a forecast of who will have the biggest influence or go on to become the best players in the upcoming season. Instead, it's a declaration of who the greatest freshman prospects in the Mountain Weste, provided by Asian sports bookie Vwin.

Dishawn Misa, LB (Boise State)

Dishawn is a highly touted prospect who has committed to the Broncos. His pace and strong tackles look to be on another level on film. When Misa makes a tackle on a ball carrier, he has excellent form, impacts hard, and wraps up nicely. He can also drop back to cover and guard receivers, and he is well-versed in his responsibilities. Dishawn already has the appearance of a college athlete and should have no trouble transitioning to the next level.

Mekhi Fox, WR (Colorado State)

Mekhi is one of the greatest players in the whole conference's recruiting cycle. With his lengthy strides, he glides down the field with ease and can change directions swiftly as well. Fox's height and speed make him a dangerous deep threat, but he's also capable in the short game and on passes to the flat, making him a versatile receiver. He has excellent field vision, which he uses to compliment his athletic ability and transform short passes into big plays. Mekhi will enter the game straight immediately and can make an immediate impact.

Jayden Virgin, EDGE (Boise State)

Jayden is a fantastic two-way player who will be putting his skills to use on defense. He is long and athletic, and he easily sheds blocks and chases down quarterbacks. Virgin specializes in blitzing, getting into the backfield as soon as the ball is snapped and not allowing players to get away after initial contact. He possesses an excellent combination of strength and speed, and he is agile enough to play tight end in the offense. Jayden possesses all of the required attributes to be a force in college and will see action early in his career.

Lucky Sutton, RB (San Diego State)

Lucky is a lunky, strong running back for SDSU in this class. He attacks holes fast and forcefully, and after being hit, he keeps his legs working. Sutton reads his blocks effectively and makes fluid cuts in the open field to juke defenders. He's a decent receiver, and his power allows him to fend off tackles regularly. Lucky looks to possess all of the necessary characteristics to become the next great running back.

Deshawn Woods, OL (Wyoming)

Deshawn was a major signing day surprise for the Cowboys, and he's definitely one of the conference's most gifted players. His agility helps him to get in position to block quickly, and he can easily drive defenders back with his strength. Woods' flexibility allows him to play all over the line, and he's a threat in run blocking while also being technically proficient in pass protection. He's a long, athletic lineman with a tremendous explosion after the snap and plenty of space to grow into his build and strength. It's unusual for offensive linemen to start right away the next season, but Deshawn may be able to do so at guard.