Projected Boise State Depth Chart (Post Spring Game)

The Broncos held their spring game on Saturday and some questions were answered while some remain a mystery. The Defense dominated (as expected and as is normal in the spring games) But the offense showed off some sparkly new pieces that could make a big impact this season.

Let's take a look at my projected 2022 Depth Chart (Post Spring Game):



1st String

2nd String

3rd String


Hank Bachmeier SR

Jaylen Green RS FR


Sam Vidlak RS FR

Andy Peters RS SO


George Holani SO

Ashton Jeanty FR

Tyler Crowe RS JR


Stefan Cobbs RS SR

Eric McAlister RS FR

Zamondre Merriweather FR


LaTrell Caples RS SO

Billy Bowens RS SR

Kaden Dudley RS FR


David Koetter 6th YR SR

Austin Bolt RS SO

Shea Whiting RS JR


Riley Smith RS SR

Kurt Rafdal 6th YR SR

Tyneil Hopper RS SR


John Ojukwu 6th YR SR

Jacob Golden RS JR

Nathan Cardona RS SO


Ben Dooley RS JR

Dallas Holliday RS JR

Jacob Golden RS JR


Kekaniokoa Holomalia-Gonzalez RS SR

Will Farrar 6th YR SR


Will Farrar 6th YR SR

Garrett Curran RS JR

Dalton Lins RS SR


Cade Baesford RS SR

Joseph Amos RS FR

Julian Simpson RS JR



1st String

2nd String

3rd String


Shane Irwin 6th YR SR

Deven Wright JR

Andy Nwaoko RS SO


Divine Obichere 5th YR SR

Herbert Gums RS SO

Michael Callahan RS JR


Scott Matlock RS SR

Jackson Cravens RS SR

Ahmed Hassanein SO


Demitri Washington RS SR

George Tarlas 6th YR SR


Isaiah Bagnah RS JR

Dylan Herberg RS SR


Brandon Hawkins RS SR

Jai Jones RS FR

Dishawn Misa FR


Zeke Noa 6th YR SR

Rejhan Tatum RS FR

DJ Schramm RS SR


Seyi Oladipo SO

Rodney Robinson RS SO


Tyric LeBeauf RS SR

Kaonohi Kaniho RRS SO

Isaiah Bradford RS FR


Caleb Biggers 5th YR SR


Markel Reed SR

Jared Reed 6th YR SR

Jalen Neal RS FR


Tyreque Jones 6th YR SR

Rodney Robinson RS SO

Alexander Teubner RS JR


JL Skinner SR

Zion Washington RS FR

Jaylen Clark RS SO



1st String

2nd String

3rd String


Jonah Dalmas JR

Will Ferrin RS FR

James Ferguson FR


James Ferguson FR

Gavin Wale RS JR

Will Ferrin RS FR


Jonah Dalmas JR

Will Ferrin RS FR


Stefan Cobbs RS SR

Ashton Jeanty FR

Taylor Marcum FR


Stefan Cobbs RS SR

Kaden Dudley RS FR

LaTrell Caples RS SO

A few notes:

· Our QB room behind SR Hank Bachmeier is very young and inexperienced. Interestingly, Vidlak was the first QB on the field after Hank. Is Green further behind then we originally thought? Either way both Vidlak and Green really struggled during the spring game and have a long way to go. Hopefully Hank can stay healthy so Boise only has to use the backups to help them get experience for next season.

· The RB depth chart was clarified during the spring game. Holani was not part of the game out of precaution so It was all freshman Ashton Jeanty and he looked like a seasoned college veteran on Saturday. Crowe was the main back behind Jeanty and will likely serve as a goal line/short yardage back. It is also worth noting that Hank ,referring to Holani and Jeanty, said "they'll be a great duo this season."

· After losing all 3 starting WRs, Boise has 3 new starters who have modest experience and a bunch of highly talented, yet unproven, young guys waiting in the wings. Stef Cobbs showed that he is the next lead receiver for the broncos leading the team with 6 catches for 61 yards. LaTrell Caples could also see a breakout year. Davis Koetter will likely start opposite Cobbs and although He isn't as electric as other receivers on the roster, he is consistent and reliable. Behind them is Austin Bolt who was targeted often at the spring game but struggled to pull in several catchable balls. Also Eric McAllister and Shea Whiting should see more playing time this season.

  • TE is another position that became very clear on Saturday. Starter Riley Smith was kept out of the game and it was 6th year senior Kurt Rafdal that saw the field first and most often pitting him at the man to beat for the #2 TE spot. Next up was Tyneil Hopper and after Hopper we saw a sprinkling of guys like Matt Lauter and Casey Kline.

· Both lines have tons of experience and will hopefully be much improved. The O-line was missing several starters but once they are healthy, there is no reason not to have an elite line with LT John Ojukwu, RT Cade Baresford, C KHG, and guards Will Farrar, Ben Dooley, and Garret Curran. Also watch Redshirt Freshman Joseph Amos, who started the spring game, to join the rotation at tackle.

  • The Defensive line returns a lot of experience as well in guys like Scott Matlock, Shane Irwin, Devine Obechere, Ahmad Hassanein, and Demetri Washington. As well as new guys like George Tarlas, Braxton Fely, and Deven Wright and should be really good this season.

· LB is a spot of concern with so little experience. Zeke Noa is the clear Starter in the middle. Brandon Hawkins looks poised to take over the weakside spot but we could see more of a rotation there. The Broncos will be looking to get talented young guys like Rejhan Tatum, Jai Jones, and Dishawn Misa some playing time too.

· The secondary should be stellar again. JL Skinner and Tyreque Jones will be playin on Sundays after this season as could Tyric LeBeauf, Markel Reed and Caleb Biggers. Kaonohi Kiniho, Isaiah Bradford, and Jalen Neal all look to bring a great future to the CB position.

  • Special teams looks great with Jonah Dalmas back and James Ferguson-Reynolds looks like the real deal punting the ball. If either of those two cant go for some reason Will Ferrin looked good as well. The only concern her is at Longsnapper. LS Daniel Cantrell is gone and was probablt the most underrated star on the team the last few seasons. His snaps were always on point and he was usually the first man in the face of the returner. Mason Hutton who will take over for Cantrell looked serviceable but seemed to struggle with his distance and aim while snapping often causing the punter to reach way down or over for the ball. If he isn't able to zero in on His snaps we could see some fumbled snaps and/or blocked punts this fall.

Overall The defense is likely the best in the conference this season and the offense still has some work to do as the fall approaches. The run game should be improved under new/old RB coach Keith Bonapha and with the addition of Ashton Jeanty and the Recieving corps may take a slight step back without Khalil Shakir meaning more work for Hank.

Players of the Spring Game

Offense - Stefan Cobbs - Cobbs was easily the most productive player on the offense.

Honorable mentions - Ashton Jeanty, Hank Bachmeier, Cade Baresford

Defense - JL Skinner - It's JL Skinner what more needs to be said. He was making plays all over the field including a redzone INT.

Honorable mentions - Seyi Oladipo, Tyric LeBeauf, Caleb Biggers

Special Teams - Jonah Dalmas - 52 yards, the distance of his first field goal of the day.

Honorable mentions - James Ferguson-Reynolds

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