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Mountaintop View 3-30-22. Strong eval, Broncos competing, Roddy POY finalist, Hamilton to NBA, POTW

UC San Diego v San Diego State Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Another day, another round of links. Enjoy what we have for you today from around the conference and the college sports world in general.

Carson Strong: Pocket-passer or more?

Strong is being knocked a bit for being immobile but he wasn’t asked to run much in the air-raid system and he was recovering from a knee injury last season. However, this article assesses Carson’s ability and determines he can he can extend plays if he needs. He is aware of his strengths and weaknesses and knows what he is doing on the field. Read the full post for all the points made.

Broncos are competing.

According to coach Andy Avalos, spring practices are all about competition. And they are trying to be creative in fostering that. Offensive linemen are catching punts while defensive linemen are throwing spirals. The team is also doing soccer penalty kick competitions, red-light green-light, and traditional football scrimmages.

Roddy a POTY Finalist.

Hamilton is NBA-bound.


On the horizon:

  • Later today: Peak Perspective: Reviewing the MWC 30 Coaches Under 30
  • Coming Thursday: Boise State Position Preview: Defensive Backs