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Mountaintop View 3-23-22. Chang Q&A, headsets coming? Sustainable Cinderellas, Cowboy returning? POTW

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San Diego State v Boise State Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Another day, another round of links. Enjoy what we have for you today from around the conference and the college sports world in general.

Also, March Madness continues, even if the Mountain West is watching on TV like the rest of us.

Q&A With Coach Chang.

Prior to Spring Ball (which started yesterday), Coach Chang answered some questions and opened up about making the jump from position coach to head coach. He also discusses supporting other Hawaii programs, the coaching staff, and his plans for spring practices.

Helmet headsets to CFP?

Is the end of the sideline sign-guy near? Most coaches are said to be in favor of this, and the technology has been developed by the company that produces D1 headsets, but the cost has been a factor since different schools have different budgets. However, the technology was even used in the Bayou Classic matchup and the results were favorable. It is likened to instant replay, which was instituted by one conference and all others quickly followed. It was universal within two years. Also, headsets would eliminate the ability to steal signals, which people are mixed about.

Sustainable Cinderella teams/schools.

Your mid-major or Group of 5 team just pulled off an upset during March Madness or a NY6 Bowl, now what? Does it contribute to any sustained success? Yes for some but it requires other factors too, which include: multiple NCAA tourney wins, changing conferences, prioritizing the sport that had initial success, capitalizing on the short-term recruiting boost, and having their athletic revenue increased. But it is hard to sustain long-term on the court/field success.

Hunter leaving the door open for one last ride with Cowboys.

MWC Softball Players of the Week.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: Peak Perspective: Grading the New Mountain West Coaches
  • Coming Thursday: Boise State Position Preview: Linebacker