Which Sportsbooks Sites in Maryland Have the Best Bonuses?

Which Sportsbooks Sites in Maryland Have the Best Bonuses?

The big wait will soon end as the state of Maryland is bracing up to allow online sports betting later this year.
This article sets out to list the sportsbooks in the Free State that promise the most generous bonuses when they launch. Here they are:

- BetMGM Sportsbook
- Caesars Sportsbook
- DraftKings Sportsbook
- FanDuel
- DraftKings


This sportsbook promises a $50 free bet if the player deposits at least $5. In addition, there will be a 20% deposit bonus, but not higher than $1,000. DraftKings has not announced a promo code yet.
DraftKings' Deposit Bonus Explained

This sportsbook will release $1 for every $25 one wagers. Although bettors will receive $50 with their first bet, the sportsbook will only match 20% of their deposit if the sum is equal to or smaller than $1,000.


The biggest sportsbook in the USA has a simple and effective bonus system. When it starts online operations in Maryland, BetMGM promises bettors a first bet match of up to $1,000.

BetMGM Promo Code

It seems that the BetMGM bonus code changes every month, so it is too early to say what it will be when the sportsbook sets foot in Maryland.

Keep in mind that the promo code is valid with one's first bet of up to $1,000. If you make a bigger bet, the bonus code only covers $1,000 of it.

To qualify, one must make a minimum deposit of $10. The promo code becomes invalid if you opt to edit your first bet or accept an early cash-out offer.

Caesars Sportsbook

As with previous candidates, Caesars sportsbook is yet to launch operations in the Free State. The risk-free bet it offers is $500.
When Caesars online app goes live in Maryland, the sportsbook will offer first bet insurance of up to $1,100 with a designated promo code.


How Do Caesars Bet Boosts Function?

Caesars sportsbook stands out in the crowd because of its unique bet boosters. The sportsbook offers higher payout odds on specific sports events throughout the year.

In most cases, Caesars just offers betting lines without a vig. Also known as "the juice" or "the house edge," the vig is a small fee that the sportsbook charges to accept the player's wager. Thus, boosted odds give you higher payouts for the same amount of risk. That's great news for anyone interested in optimal risk management.


This sportsbook will start working in the state of Maryland in the second quarter of 2022 and will offer their traditional $1,000 match-up on your first bet. The offer is valid for wagers of $10 or higher. FanDuel also offers excellent college basketball odds. With a unique promo code, the fans of the game in the Old Line State may qualify for a breathtaking $150 payout with a wager as small as $5.